Record screen and audio simultaneously on Mac

If you own a MacBook, you may have some difficulties recording the screen of your Mac computer along with the audio. Recording both simultaneously can be challenging as Mac has some security measures that prevent users from recording internal audio on Mac. If you really need to record your Mac screen along with the audio, you can go through the complete article, as here we have mentioned some methods to record screen and audio simultaneously on Mac.

How to record screen and audio simultaneously on Mac:

Here, we have mentioned three of the easiest troubleshooting methods that you can go for. Let’s start.

Method 1: Record Mac with Screenshot Toolbar

You can incorporate video and sound in mac while recording the screen by using your mouthpiece sound to portray your video from the underlying amplifier or the outer mic of your computer. However, with macOS Mojave, there is a choice incorporated in the device that allows users to record a video of the Mac screen. Screenshot toolbar is an extremely beneficial application now available on Mac macOS Mojave; you can use that for this purpose. Here we have mentioned how you can use that for this purpose.

  • First, open the screenshot toolbar along with all the buttons available for screen recording purposes. For that, press SFT + Command + 5 buttons.
  • Now, select the record option. The toolbar will now show you various buttons with specified actions for each button. You will need to choose the right one. You’ll be able to find the leftmost button using which you can record your entire screen. You will also find the option to record a portion of your screen.
  • You can also customize your recording using this toolbar. You may need this option if you have selected a specific area of your Max screen to record it.

Method 2: Record Screen and Audio on Mac with QuickTime

With Mac, you can record your screen with audio using QuickTime. It is a perfect option for people who are using a high-level Mac as it is a free mac screen recorder working in the quick time player application. This can efficiently record everything on the screen, including the video playing on locales. On your computer, you will be able to find two options for this purpose: “Worked in microphone” and “none”

QuickTime can efficiently record sound from your computer mic. Remember, quality will not be so good in this case. Here are the steps to record.

  • First, launch the QuickTime player. It is a reliable application offered by Apple, and to find this, head to the utilities. Here you can find the Quick time option and launch it from there.
  • Now, open the screen recorder in the next step. Within the QuickTime player, you will need to open the recorder window. For that purpose, go to the file of the player and select the new screen recording option to open a screen recorder.
  • The step is to enable the audio recording option. Go within the QuickTime player recorder, followed by the drop-down button. Now, select the audio recording option from the list you can see on your screen.

Note– If you own the newer version of your Mac OS, you will not be able to find this option.

As the final step, start recording your screen. Once you enable the audio recorder, you can start recording your Mac screen by hitting the red circle button that you will be able to find within the screen recorder window.

This is it, and now you can perform the screen recording along with the audio by using the quick time player. It is a less complicated troubleshooting method as it is a built-in application of the MacBook.

This application also allows users to monitor the audio during recording or adjust the volume sliders. If you are getting audio feedback, you can simply lower the volume and use your headphones with a microphone. You can also see the black circle around your pointer by choosing show mouse clicks in the recording.

To stop the recording, you need to click on the stop button in the menu bar or else press Command-Control-Esc. Once you stop your recording, the QuickTime player will automatically open the recording so that you can play, edit or share the recording directly.

Method 3: Use an Easy Mac Screen Recorder

As the last troubleshooting method, you can use a screen recorder or only an audio recorder for this purpose. There are several audio recorders available in the market for this purpose. All you need to do is find reliable software for getting your job done and install that from the official website. Here are some recording applications that you can use for this purpose.

  1. Wondershare DemoCreator (Special Pick)
  2. OBS (Free)
  3. QuickTime (Free)
  4. Apowersoft Screen Recorder (Free)
  5. Monosnap (Free)
  6. VLC (Free)
  7. Snagit (Paid)
  8. Snapz Pro (Paid)
  9. ActivePresenter (Paid)
  10. Capto (Paid)

In some of these applications, you can find the free version. Though paid versions are always better than free versions, as paid versions offer more features than free versions, you can use them for recording purposes. For example, by using Capto, you can record video using your webcam and choose between recording your Mac’s mic or computer audio. Most of these recording applications also offer editing features to add visuals to your recording and make that more informative and attractive according to your preferences.

Ending words

There are options available to record your Mac screen along with the audio. All you need to do is just select the right option that matches all your preferences and can offer you what you want. Hope you have understood how you can record your Mac screen video along with the audio.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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