Redeem Code On Steam

Do you have a code for a steam game and wish to play it? Here is how to redeem code on steam so that you can get on all the fun. Steam is a huge PC gaming platform that is run by Valve. It is being trusted by many people worldwide for delivering a playing experience and a quality shopping experience. A steam code is a way to receive games or money to the steam account of the person. Money can also be added via debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal. Valve wants steam users to buy codes as it means added engagement, more money, and some additional users who cannot traditionally add funds. Are you surprised to know that you can even purchase your code through steam itself or at major online retailers such as Amazon? You can even get it at Best Buy, Target, and Sam’s Club stores.

There are mainly two types of Steam codes: gift cards and wallet codes. Wallet cards are the same as game activation codes. On the other hand, gift cards are codes that act as gift certificates and add funds exactly to the account. It is quite easy to navigate whether you are using the mobile app or the desktop app as they are available to buy both online and in-person, there are very much accessible. Those who have made a recent switch to PC gaming might need a bit of help and support to get started. When you have a code for any game that is redeemable through Steam, you need to follow a few short steps before you begin downloading. But before that, you need to know the processes to activate a steam code.

Activate a steam code

We all are aware that when we buy games through Valve directly, we do not need to enter any code for running the game. But when games are bought outside Steam, there is a probability that you are provided with an activation code which will be needed for activating the item to steam. The process of activation is quite straightforward.

  • First, launch steam and then log in to your account
  • Click on “Add a game” available in the bottom-left corner
  • Then click on “Activate a product”
  • To continue, click on “Next”
  • By clicking on “I Agree” you agree to the terms and conditions of Steam Subscriber Agreement
  • Then add the product code carefully that you want to add in the steam library and click “Next”

The activation codes may vary depending on the retailers. These may be labeled as “Steam Key”, “Product Code”, “Digital Activation Code” or other variations.

  • You will see a pop-up to show that your activation is successful. Next, click on “Finish”
  • Then you can go to the Steam game library and find the game. Install it.

Redeem Code on Steam

From a browser, you can browse steam. Most people tend to download steam clients to get the most experience. After the client has been installed on the PC and you have created your Steam account, you need to follow the steps to redeem the game code you received elsewhere. You will be able to redeem steam codes exactly in the Steam window. If you have the code in your hand, it can be performed within two minutes.

How to redeem a code on a PC?

You can use the Steam program to redeem your code when you are on your PC.

In the top right of the Steam, click on your “Username”

Then click on “View my wallet”

After that, you need to click on “Wallet code or Redeem steam gift card”

Then type the “code” very cautiously and ensure that you have entered it correctly

Click on the “Continue button”

After completing the above steps, money must be added to your account.

How to redeem a code on a mobile app?

Pre-paid codes can also be redeemed on the mobile app. In that way, you play with a remote steam play on your mobile phone, and you can also have access to this vital function.

In the side menu of your mobile application, click “Store”

Then select “Account Details”

There is an option “Add funds in your steam wallet”, you need to click on that

Next, click on “Redeem a Wallet code or steam gift card”

The next step is to entering the code correctly and click on the “Continue” button

After following the above steps, money must be added to your wallet and available right away.

Wrapping up

By now, the process of redeeming the code on steam must have been clear to you. Once you have received your money in the wallet, you can use it to buy anything on Steam that you wish. Make sure that you have entered the right combination of letters and numbers in the correct order, or else you may face an issue.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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