Remove Bloatware From MIUI 12

Having useless apps on your phone can be irritating as they occupy a big part of your storage. Redmi has plenty of apps that you may not need but will occupy your space. Want to get rid of the useless apps known as bloatware? Follow the steps mentioned below as you can’t directly uninstall the bloatware as they are installed as system apps in most cases. There are two methods to do this work. You can do it by only using your smartphone or your desktop. Let’s check out both methods to remove bloatware from MIUI 12, 12.5.

Methods To Remove bloatware from MIUI 12,12.5:

Method 1: Using a smartphone

You can remove the pre-installed apps from your phone by only using your smartphone. It is an easy method that can help you remove various pre-installed apps. Follow the steps given below for that.

First, check out which apps are pre-installed on your smartphone. After knowing which apps you want to uninstall

Go to settings

Head towards Apps

Go to manage apps

Select the apps that should be uninstalled and remove them.

Method 2: Using your desktop

Though the previous option was easy to do and requires less time, some apps cannot be removed using that process as they are system apps. To get rid of them, you have to connect your desktop with your phone and follow the steps below.

Download ADB (, Android Debugging Bridge) on your PC.

Extract it using a file archiver like 7zip or Winrar.

Open the folder where you just have extracted the file.

Click on the address bar and type cmd.

The command prompt will be open from the ADB directory.

Connect your smartphone by enabling Developer options on your smartphone. Follow the steps below to do this:

Go to Settings >Head towards About phone> Tap the MIUI Version multiple times> Go to Additional settings >Now, go to Developer options>Enable USB debugging. Now your phone will get connected to the PC.

You have to connect your smartphone using a USB cable and type “adb devices” in the command prompt. If that doesn’t work after a single try, repeat again and again. Type the same command and repeat that process.

Now download the Xiaomi Debloater.jar file from Github and install the Oracle Java SE Development Kit.

You’ll be now able to open the .jar file.

After opening the .jar file., you’d be able to see all the apps present on your smartphone.

Select the apps by ticking on the corresponding boxes with the apps.

Click on ” Uninstall” to remove them.

By using this method, you can even uninstall the pre-install system apps to free up space on your MIUI 12 and 12.5.

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