Replace LineageOS Recovery with TWRP

LineageOS is an operating system that is meant for Android-based devices. It comes with it’s own backup system. TeamWin Recovery Project, commonly known as TWRP (pronounced as twerp) is a tool that grants access to users which otherwise would require booting in an Android device. It can be used for backups (both creating and managing) and can also be used as custom ROM.

Without a doubt, TWRP has more features than LineageOS, and existing LineageOS users may want to replace it with TWRP. Here is a guide on how you can replace LineageOS recovery with TWRP.

Steps to Replace LineageOS Recovery With TWRP:

Although LineageOS offers a balance between stability and features besides offering necessary tweaks, it does lack options to customize. This is why users look forward to having TWRP as their ROM.

TWRP Recovery offers exciting features to its users, including wiping device partition, IMG files, Nandroid Backups, slot switching, MTP functionality, installing ZIPs, and more. Besides being extremely functional, its user interface is simple to navigate, making it one of the most desired recovery systems, especially for supporting touch-functionality.

Before going ahead with the steps, here are some pre-requisites that you must consider:

It is obvious that users have the bootloader of their device – unlocked if they have LineageOS installed on their device.

The USB debugging of the device that they are using should be enabled. This is significant so that your system recognizes your device in ADB mode. For this, you can go to:

Settings >About Phone > Tap on Build Number 7 times (unlocks developer option)> Go back to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options > USB Debugging – enable

Users must also download and install Android SDK Platform Tools on their system (laptop or computer). This will allow them to acquire the ADB and Fastboot binary files required for the replacement process.

Download TWRP Recovery for your device. You can download it from their official website. Unofficially, they are also available on XDA forums.

Finally, download the TWRP Recovery for your device. You could download the official build from the TWRP website. If it isn’t available, then search for an unofficial one at XDA Forums.

Once this is done, you can begin with replacing LineageOS with TWRP.

  1. Place Files in the Correct Directory

The first step would be to transfer the TWRP IMG file to the platform tools folder. You must also rename the IMG file to twrp so it would look like – twrp.img. So, if your device has a TWRP ZIP file, it should be transferred to your device’s internal storage. Users who don’t have the TWRP ZIP file for their device must transfer the TWRP IMG file to their device. Once done, you can shift to TWRP from LineageOS LineageOS recovery.

  1. Replacing LineageOS with TWRP

Use a USB cable to connect your device to the laptop or computer. Ensure that the USB debugging is enabled (as shown in the above steps)

Go to the platform-tools folder, and in the address bar, write down CMD and click Enter button to launch the Command Prompt window.

Type – ‘adb reboot bootloader’ without the inverted commas. This will boot your device to Fastboot mode.

Next, execute the command – ‘fastboot boot twrp.img’ without the inverted commas. This will boot your device to TWRP recovery.

This allows the device to boot to TWRP. This is just a temporary installation, and for it to be permanent, there are two ways, and users can use one of them.

  1. a) If users have TWRP ZIP files, you must go to TWRP’s Install section and select TWRP ZIP file. Swipe right to flash it!
  2. b) For users who have a TWRP IMG file, the steps are different.

In TWRP, you must go to Advanced

Next, select Install Recovery Ram disk

Go to the twrp.img file and swipe right to install it

Go to the Advanced menu and select the Fix Recovery Bootloop option

Next, click on confirm button to fix this boot loop

Now that you know how to install TWRP from both options you must reboot the system when you have performed the above steps.

Go to Reboot option and tap on System to reboot the system. This will have installed TWRP on your system.

Follow the above step-by-step instructions to replace LineageOS Recovery with TWRP.

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