How To Reset An iPad

Want to speed up your sluggish iPad? This guide will help you with this problem and bring back your iPad to normal condition. The iPad is a versatile device with many exciting features differentiating it from the iPhone. But the iPad can become sluggish sometimes. The reasons why it slows down can be a lot. But here are 3 different and easy ways to fix your iPad. So, keep reading if you are wondering how to reset an iPad. But before that, charge your iPad to avoid disturbances during the reset program.

How To Reset An iPad?

Soft Reset:

This is the simplest solution out there. You can easily soft reset your iPad through the simple below procure. You can follow this method if you are facing simple issues with your iPad.

Click on the power button on the side of your iPhone and hold it for a while.

Now click on “slide to power off ” and swipe it to the right when it first appears on the screen.

Then after your device is turned off, press and hold the power button again and wait till the Apple logo has appeared on the screen, and you’re done doing a Soft reset.

Force Reset

If you have a problem with the frozen iPad and other issues that are a bit complex, you can go with Force Reset. The below process is simple, and it doesn’t cause any trouble for your iPad.

First, to do a factory reset, press the volume up button

Next tap the volume down button

Now press + hold the power button until you see the logo on your screen

Turn off the iPad by swiping the swipe to turn off the button

Now turn on the iPad by holding the power button again, and you are done.

Factory Restore

The last option is to Factory Restore, where all the information present in your iPad will be erased. So, it is better to back up the essential data before going for a factory reset. You can follow this method if any of the above methods don’t seem to work.

Find the settings tab on your iPad and tap on it

Now tab on the General tab

Scroll down the screen to get the reset option

Once you find it, tap on it

Search for and click on erase all content and settings

Now, you have 2 different options- Backup, then erase and erase now. You can choose anyone at your convenience.

So, these are 3 different methods to reset your iPad. Feel free to choose any one of them at your convenience. Once you’re done your device will soon be able to work again.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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