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If you have enabled two-step verification for your Google account and you lose the device or uninstall the Google Authenticator on your device, you will lose access to your Google Account. No one can then access your account. Neither you nor an administrator.

2 Factor Authentication is an extra step to prove that this account is owned by you. It acts as an added layer of security to ensure that no one apart from you can log in to your account. If you want to recover your Google account, then simply follow us along.

How to Restore Google Authenticator

Method 1: Using the Second mode of Verification

The 2 Factor Authentication code is usually sent to the second email address/Recovery email address and on your cell phone. In case you have lost your cell phone but you still have access to your second email address/Recovery email address, then you can easily access your Google account.

All you have to do is to select the second mode of verification. It will send the code to your second email address/Recovery email address. Enter the code sent to your email address in the prompt window. It should then let you in.

Method 2: Using Backup Code

Do you remember the backup code Google provides to you when you enabled the 2 Factor Authentication for your Google account? That backup code provided to you comes in handy when such situations arise. The backup code is provided to every user who enables 2-factor authentication to provide you with a second way to log into your Google Account in case you lose your cell phone or have no access to the Google Authenticator app.

Google Authenticator
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The backup code acts as a security key and allows you to log into your Google Account without using Google Authenticator. That’s the reason why it is important to keep your backup code safe since it helps you out in recovering your Google account. In case you still have the backup code saved with you, follow the guide mentioned below to recover access to your Google account.

Step 1: Download the Google Authenticator app on your device and open it.

Step 2: Locate and click on the ‘+’ sign. The Plus sign can be located on the upper left-hand side of your Google Authenticator app.

Step 3: You will find an option of “Enter the Key” displayed on your screen. Enter the backup key to access your Google account.

Step 4: Once you enter the correct key you will be able to sign in to your account again.

Step 5: Once you are inside your Google account, make sure that you disable the 2-factor authentication. To disable 2-factor authentication, navigate to the two-factor authentication section.

Step 6: Click on the disable or change device located next to the Authenticator app 2-factor authentication option.

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Step 7: Once you click on it, a prompt window will open up and ask you to enter the code from your Authenticator app.

Step 8: Enter your two-factor authentication code to confirm.

Step 9: If you have two different 2- factor authentication methods enabled, then you will have to enter the code sent to both methods. You need to confirm both the text messages and enter the codes sent to you and hit confirm.

Step 10: After you have disabled 2-factor authentication, all the withdrawals on your account will be disabled for 48 hours. This is just an extra security measure that Google takes to help keep your account safe. Once you have disabled two-factor authentication and wish to re-enable it, click on the enable button next to the Authenticator app option.

Step 11: Scan the QR code shown on the screen on your Google Authenticator app to link your Google account with the Authenticator app. Just for an extra measure download and save the 2-factor authentication backup key.

Google Authenticator
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As you read, this can help in accessing the Google account in case you change your device or you wish to restore access to your account if you lose your phone. Then enter the code generated by the Google Authenticator and click on the button “enable”. Once done, your Google Authenticator is linked with the Google account and 2-factor authentication is enabled.

Using the above-said method, you can easily access your Google Account in case you lose access to Google Authenticator.

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