Samsung Galaxy S20

In this article, we will be showing you how to root the entire series of The Samsung Galaxy S20 running on One UI 3.0 based on Android 11 using Magisk Manager. Before we can begin, we need to do some things ahead of time such as we need to unlock the bootloader first to proceed with the tutorial.

We have already written tutorials in which we have given a step-by-step guide on how to unlock the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy devices. You can check that tutorial if you don’t know how to unlock the bootloader on this device.

This tutorial will work for the base model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 as well as the Galaxy S20 Plus, the Galaxy S20 ultra, and the Galaxy S20 FE. The main requirement here is that you must have the bootloader unlocked first and we also need to install Magisk on our phone which can be downloaded via GitHub.

Also, we need to have Odin installed on our PC and then we need to download a copy of the firmware we are currently running on our Samsung Galaxy S20. We have to download the firmware file to our PC so that it can be extracted. Again, for anybody who is not familiar with any of this, like maybe you do not know where the GitHub page is for Magisk or maybe you do not know where to download Odin, just read our previous tutorial.

We downloaded the firmware for our Samsung Galaxy S20 from the website Next up we have taken that firmware file we just downloaded and we have extracted the contents of this file which gave us five files.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to root the Samsung Galaxy S20 series running on Android 11:

Step 1: Copy the file that starts with “Ap” from the files that you extracted to your device’s internal storage so that we can modify it through Magisk.

Step 2: Open the Magisk Manager app that you downloaded from GitHub. Tap on the Install button at the top Magisk section. Choose the “Select and Patch a file”, browse and select that AP file you just copied on your device’s internal storage.

Step 3: Once you selected that AP file, tap on the “Let’s Go” button at the top. Magisk is going to patch that file and give us a new file with the name “Magisk_patched”. Copy this “Magisk_patched” from your phone to your PC in the same folder where you have the firmware files that you extracted.

Step 4: When the process is done, boot your device in download mode and connect it to your PC through a USB cable.

Step 5: Open Odin on your PC while you have your device in download mode and connected to the PC.

Step 6: We also need to download the vbmeta_disabled file and copy it to the same folder where you have the firmware files. Click on the link to download the vbmeta_disabled file.

Step 7: Open Odin on your PC, click on the Userdata button, and select the vbmeta_disabled file that you downloaded earlier.

Step 8: Click on the start button at the bottom. The step will flash the vbmeta_disabled file on our device. This needs to be done as this will reboot our device into recovery mode so that we can perform a factory data reset which is required.

Step 9: Your phone will reboot once you click on the start button and then it will reboot again on it’s own. You will see three options when your phone has rebooted a second time.

Step 10: Press the volume down button once to highlight the Factory data reset option. Press the power or Bixby button to select that option. Again press the volume down button to confirm that option and then press the power or Bixby button to select that option.

Step 11: The process will start and your device will reboot again once the process is completed. With this process, we have flashed an Android verified boot file on our device. This file will let us install and flash modified images on our device.

Step 12: Wait for your device to boot up into Android OS. Once booted up again, reboot your device into download mode.

Step 13: Open Odin again on your PC if you closed it earlier and click on the Bl button and select the file that starts with the Bl from the files that you extracted earlier. Then click on the CP button and select the file that starts with CP. Similarly, click on the CSC button, and instead of selecting the file that starts with the CSC name, select the file that starts with Home_CSC because we have already done the factory data reset. Lastly, click on the AP button and select that Magsik_Patched file. It is that AP file that you patched using Magisk. Also, make sure that the vbmeta_disabled file is selected in the Userdata. If not then select it before proceeding further.

Step 14: After you load files in Odin, click the start button at the bottom to start the process. The process will take some time so just wait and be patient. You will see a GREEN PASS message at the top when the process completes and you will see your device will restart on it’s own.

Step 15: Step up your device like you normally do.

Step 16: Once you set up your device, download the Magisk manager app again from the apk. Open the app and once you open Magisk for the first time, it will require additional setup, which is normal. Tap on the OK button and your device will reboot on it’s own after five seconds. This is completely normal and it will complete the root process.

That’s it. You have now rooted your Samsung Galaxy S20 device using Magisk. You can check it by downloading the root checker app from the Play Store. Using the same method, you can also root Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra devices as well.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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