Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 series is currently Samsung’s flagship series on the market. Recently, Samsung started rolling out One Ui 4.0 based on the Android 12 update for its Galaxy S21 series and other flagship devices including foldable.

If you updated your device to the latest Android 12 based One Ui 4.0 then in this article we will provide you the step-by-step guide to root The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 ultra. Basically, this guide will work for all the devices in the Galaxy S21 series.

We have already written a step-by-step guide on how to gain root access on Samsung Galaxy S21 with One Ui 3.1 based on Android 11. This guide will be focusing on devices that have already been updated to Android 12.

Before we begin there are some things that we need to have set up ahead of time like we need to have the bootloader of this smartphone unlocked first. We also need to download and install the canary build of Magisk as it is the only version of Magisk that currently supports Android 12. So, make sure you download the canary build of Magisk from the GitHub page.

With that done, download and extract the firmware that matches the version of Android that you are running on your device. We have downloaded the firmware file from

You have to download the firmware on your PC or laptop to complete the process. Once you downloaded the firmware file, extract the contents of the firmware file.

After extraction, you will get a folder that contains a number of files. These files’ name starts with “ap”, “bl”, “cp”, “CSC”, and “home CSC”.

Copy the file that starts with ‘ap” and past it to the internal storage of your Samsung Galaxy S21 or any device from the series.

Open Magisk manager on your device that you previously installed.

Tap on the install button next to the Magisk section.

Choose the “select and patch a file” option and then browse the “Ap” file that you just copied on your device.

Select that “ap” file and then tap the let’s go button on the top section.

Magisk will extract the contents of that “ap” file and then it is going to grab the specific files that we need and then after copying it is going to patch those files.

Once that is done it is going to repackage up that “ap” file for us but with a different name and that is Magisk_patched” and it will be saved in the download folder of our device.

Copy that new “Magisk_patched” file from your device to your computer in the same folder where you have other firmware files.

Now, power off the device completely so that we can boot the device into Download Mode.

Press the volume up button if you see the blue screen to enter the Download Mode.

Download and open Odin on your PC and make sure that your phone is showing up on Odin when you have your device plugged in and in Download Mode.

The next step is to add those firmware files that you extracted earlier on your PC Odin.

Click on the “Bl” button in Odin and select the file that starts with “Bl”. Next up, click on the “Ap” button and now this time select the file that we patched with Magisk on our phone and then copied on our device. The file is a zip file that starts with “Magisk_patched.

You may also need to check and Find Your CSC Region Code if you”re not sure what it is.

Next up, click the “cp” button and find and select the file that starts with “CP”. Lastly, click the “CSC” button and select the file that starts with regular “CSC”. Do not select the file that starts with the “Home_CSC” file here.

As we are going from an unrooted version of the firmware to a rooted version, so we need to wipe all the data and do a factory reset. The regular “CSC” file is required here and that’s all there is to it for setting up Odin.

Once four of these files are populated correctly, click the start button at the bottom to start the process.

Odin will take some time to complete the process so just be patient and wait until the process is complete.

Make sure that you have a stable USB connection and there is no need to mess with the phone or the cable during the process.

When you see the green pass message at the top in Odin, your device will reboot on its own and the process is completed.

Your device will boot into Android like the first time and it takes some time so again be patient.

Remember during the process we did a factory reset and reinstalled the Android operating system firmware. So, this first boot back into Android is going to take a little bit longer than normal.

Go ahead the complete the Android activation process as you do with the new Android device.

Once you boot back into Android go ahead and look in the app drawer and see if you see a Magisk app installed or not. If not then install the Magisk just like you did at the start of this tutorial.

Download the root checker app from the play store to check whether you have gained root access to your Samsung Galaxy S21.

Note: we have already written a step-by-step guide on how to root Samsung Galaxy S21 with Android 11. This process is also quite similar to that and if you have any confusion regarding Odin and downloading the firmware, you check that guide as well.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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