WhatsApp didn’t offer a schedule message feature by default on both iOS and Android. But there are ways through which you can schedule messages on the platform to send them later. In this article, we will tell you ways through which you can schedule messages on both iOS and Android.

Schedule Messages on WhatsApp:

As the official WhatsApp app doesn’t have the scheduling message feature by default. So, to use this feature users have to use another app. To make things simpler users can use the WhatsApp business app to schedule a message.

Schedule Message in Android:

Android users need to download the WhatsApp business app to avail of this feature as it is not available on the main app.

There is an option in the business app called “Away Message” which you can use to schedule a message.

Here’s how to use this feature:

Download the WhatsApp business app from the Google Play Store.

Open the app and register your profile by entering all the credentials.

Once set up, tap on the three dots at the top and select business tools.

In business, the tool navigates and tap on the “Away message” option.

Tap on the toggle to turn this feature on.

Next, click on the pencil icon beneath the toggle to write a message.

Click on “Schedule” to set the time or date of when you want to send the message.

There are three options i.e., Always send, custom schedule, and outside of business hours. You can choose between these three options. In the custom schedule option, you have to set the date and time of the message.

Next, tap on “Recipient” to add the contact to whom you wish to send this message.

Once all is done, tap on the “Save” option at the end to finish the process. Your message will be sent to your desired contact and your desired date and time.

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Schedule Messages in iOS:

In iOS, the best way to schedule a message is using the Apple shortcut app. This shortcut app is very useful as it will allow users to do many things including scheduling messages on different apps.

Open the Apple shortcut app. Download the app from the app store if you don’t have it yet.

Choose the “Automation” tab

Click on the “+” icon at the top.

Tap on the blue “Create Personal Automation” button.

Next up choose the day and time at which you want to send messages. You can also choose custom time from the list.

Click on “Next” at the top and choose “Add Action”.

Choose “Send Message” from WhatsApp.

Tap on Next at the top and then write a message and choose a recipient.

Lastly, again tap on Next and then click on Done.

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