Search Songs by Lyrics on Spotify

You must have often found yourself in a situation where you must have racked your brains to remember a song that you have heard in your childhood or anywhere on the radio. Many times, we get embarrassed by just googling the lyrics to get the song’s name. Spotify will help you. With Spotify, you can now search for songs by their lyrics. Readout to know how to search songs by lyrics on Spotify.

How does the Spotify Lyrics search work?

With its new feature, Spotify allows its users to search a song by entering only the song’s lyrics that they know. The song that matches with the lyrics of other songs will also be shown in the search result labeled as Lyric match.

The Lyric Search in Spotify helps users who are not sure about the name of the album or song or the artists. Spotify can reach the song by just searching with the song lyrics, thus saving your search throughout the web and saving time.

How to Search Songs by Lyrics on Spotify?

You can easily search for a song on Spotify by using the new feature Lyrics Search.

  • Open the Spotify app. Select the Search button at the bottom.
  • Click on the text box on the top of your search screen
  • Type the lyrics of the song that you want to search

Spotify requires you to type a minimum of 3 words from the lyrics of the song to search them. However, using 3 words or above will give a precise result.

Songs with the same lyrics or that have the same set of words will appear in the search bar and will have a tag as a Lyrics match. Tap on the song to play and try the other tracks until you find the song you were searching for.

The feature is live on all Spotify apps and works even on Windows or Mac. You can use the Spotify Web Player to access the lyrics. The Lyrics match label will not be visible if you are using Spotify on a computer.

Where to use the Lyrics Search feature

Spotify’s Lyrics Search feature was tested on many devices. The feature runs on Spotify on every device of Android, iOS, Windows, or even macOS. The feature can also be used on the browser if the user is using the Spotify Web Player.

How can we get the Spotify Lyrics Search Feature?

You can easily get the Spotify Lyrics Search feature on your phone or system by installing the Spotify app and updating it to the latest version on your smartphone or PC. Check the below links according to your device to get the app.

Searching a song through its lyrics is now simple and a handy feature. The feature is completely based on lyrics and won’t search the song by just typing its tune. Spotify is catching with Apple Music on such features.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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