Secure Macbook Pro

Touch ID, the fingerprint-based authentication system is no more bounded to the smartphone now. Rather Apple has already brought this excellent feature to the MacBook as well. The MacBook Pro Touch bar feature is highly useful through which you can secure MacBook Pro; you can make a purchase from the Apple Pay, App store, iTunes, etc. So, no more typing of password again and again! Rather set up Touch ID in the MacBook and use the fingerprint to get things done in a second. Here we have discussed how to secure MacBook Pro with Touch ID. So, have a read to know the process.

Before moving onto the process, here are some important things to note down.

When you start up, restart or log out of Mac, you need to type the password for the first time. And then you can use the Touch ID to log into the Mac when it will ask you for the password.

How to secure MacBook Pro using Touch ID

  • First turn on your Mac and go to the Apple Menu.
  • Tap on System preference > Touch ID.
  • You will notice a plus sign over there. Tap on it to add your fingerprint. Place your finger there when you will be asked to do so. It will create the ID. It may ask you to keep the finger a few
  • Next, type a password when asked for this.
  • Select all those checkboxes listed there. You can use Touch ID for all those listed features by selecting them.
  • Save it once done. You will be then asked to unlock the MacBook with a single touch in the scanner. Do that and your MacBook Pro is now fully secure with Touch ID.

Secure Macbook Pro

In case you want to delete the created Touch ID that is also possible in the MacBook. Here is how to do that.

  • Go to the Apple menu> System Preference.
  • Select the Touch ID option.
  • Now, take the cursor over the Touch ID that you want to delete.
  • An ‘X’ icon will be appeared on the left side of that Touch ID. You can delete the Touch ID by clicking on that icon. It will then ask you to enter the password to complete the process.

So, now you know the process of adding and removing the Touch ID on your MacBook Pro. Use this feature and make things much simpler.


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