How to Send GIFs On Android

Graphics Interchange Format or ass we fondly call them – GIF’s are images that comprise of several frames or images in one single file and is defined by its own graphic control extension. The frames in the image are present in a certain order to display animation. Animated GIFs can either stop after some sequences or looped to play continuously. Despite the multiple images in one file it can be made to be a small file because of the limited color palette it uses and its encoding.

Animated GIFs can be funny, cute, sweet or represent any type of thought or emotion. They are common on social media platforms and now even Android has them. You can send them through a text to friends and family. The steps are pretty simple. Here is how to send GIFs on Android.

The process to Send GIFs On Android

How to Send GIFs On Android

Open the message app on your Android phone’s home

You will find a list of messages that you have received/sent on the screen

Compose a new message or reply to message which is already in your message inbox

If you are sending a new message entirely pick the person you want to from the address book/contact list

Click on the section which says “Enter Message.”

As you tap on this section, you will get a list of options right below the message box and one of them will be “GIF.”

Tap on GIF and you will get various options – Trending, Happy, Fun, Thumbs Up, OMG, Thanks, Sorry, OK, No, Sad, Sleepy, Lonely, etc.

On clicking the option of your choice, you will get a list of GIFs that match the emotion you are looking for. You can pick the GIF that you like by scrolling through them.

If you would like to send something else you can just click on the Search option which is located right in the GIF box(the shape of a magnifying glass).

When you have picked the GIF you like the best click on it. As you click it, the GIF will process and come in the text’s body.

Finally, just click on the send icon to send across the GIF to the recipient

Now that you know how to send GIFs you can make your chat fun and enjoyable with friends and family. Remember your Android phone must be updated to the latest software for you to get the GIF option.



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