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Gone are the days when you have to jitter for unlocking your device when it gets locked due to the wrong password. The new account feature arrived with iOS 15 came to rescue your iPhone or mac. Forgetting any password is a common and annoying problem for almost all users. It’s as frustrating as losing car keys. But isn’t it cool to have a simple process of making a call to your Apple ID account recovery contact and sign in to your device simply?

Like your car needs keys to unlock it, your iCloud account needs the right password to unlock your Apple device. However, you get locked in if you type an incorrect password a few times, which calls for contact Apple support for help, or you have to use the ‘forgot password’ options or answer security check questions to unlock your device.

Presently, Apple released iOS 15, after unveiling the new iPhone 13. It has now added an amazing feature to your iPhone that helps users unlock their device as easily as making a phone call to family or friends. The new feature of the iPhone in iOS 15, called Account Recovery, allows the iPhone users to pick a contact or multiple contacts who they trust, and after your phone gets locked, they can share a special code to unlock your account. It’s a non-meshy step and helps the users to get access to their accounts easily. The earlier method of unlocking the iPhone device was a quite lengthy and scrambling process.

After the official release of this new and useful feature, Apple offered the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 public betas for its user to check out the new unlocking feature of iOS 15. After installing iOS 15, you have to follow some simple steps to add a trusted contact for Account Recovery. Before you start with adding trusted contact on your iPhone or Mac or iPad, you have to update your devices for the latest version of Apple software. That means the account recovery features are available only for the latest iOS, including MacOS Monterey, iPad OS 15, and iOS 15. Once you completed your iPhone for the latest software, follow some simple steps:

 Steps To Set Up Apple ID Account Recovery Contact

Firstly, launch Settings and tap your name on the top of the screen to start with the process.

After that, on the next page, select password and security.

Further, tap account recovery. If you visit the first time, a splash screen will appear explaining the benefits of having account recovery contact and how this feature works. Just go through the manual to understand the process and how does it work.

Your Apple device will work on the latest software. However, if your phone is not updated, you are navigated to update your iPhone device.

After your iPhone is running on the latest iOS 15, tap on add recovery contact.

Further, iOS 15 will offer a list of suggested contacts. Make sure to choose the person name you trust. Once you choose the name of contact, tap adds available in the upper right corner.

After selecting the contact list, iOS 15 will deliver a message that you can send to your potential recovery contact.

You can edit the message or simply send it to your recovery contact person.

Your message will be sent. Then your recovery contact has to accept the request

If you need to log in back to your Apple ID account after getting locked in, first, you have to make a call to your recovery account who will get a code that can unlock your account.

Next, you have to give code, then log in to your iPhone, and after login, you need to set a new password.

Final Thoughts

Apple Company has made things easier by upgrading its new features, and the recovery of accounts is a great gift to Apple users. Earlier, there were some complicated steps of using forgot password option then security questions. When this process doesn’t work, you must contact Apple customer care support to unlock your device. But now, with the Apple recovery account set up, you can simply unlock the iPhone with a code. After that, you can again sign in and set a new password.

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