Set Up Multiple Desktops In Windows 11

Windows 11 is now available, and while it is very similar to Windows 10, the updated operating system does include a slew of new features aimed at helping you better organize and use your PC.

While Windows 11 is more of a refinement than a revolution compared to Windows 10, there is one interesting new feature that you should be aware of — virtual desktops. They are simply referred to as desktops in Windows 11, and they are treated as clones of your desktop that you can create, modify, and destroy at your leisure.

This virtual desktop feature was added to Windows 10 a while ago. Still, it was never as simple to use as it is in Windows 11, where Microsoft places a large button for opening your desktops right on the taskbar, placed alongside the Start button.

This new button is known as Task View, and while you can remove it from your Windows 11 Start bar by right-clicking it, selecting Taskbar Settings, and turning off the Task View button, it’s a useful feature worth keeping on your taskbar. Multiple desktops can help you manage your workflow, separate your work from your side projects, and improve your work/life balance.

Check out this step-by-step guide below to learn how to set up multiple desktops in Windows 11 and use them.

How To Set Up Multiple Desktop In Windows 11

When you finish a clean install of Windows 11, you should look at a single desktop brimming with options. Here’s how to make more and get rid of them when it’s time to downsize.

Hover your mouse over or click the Task View button in the taskbar. A small preview of your current desktop, as well as a preview of the apps, will appear on your current desktop if you click the button.

Select the New Desktop option or use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + Ctrl + D. If you use the quick technique of hovering or the keyboard shortcut over the Task View button and selecting “New desktop,” you’ll be taken to your new desktop right away. If not, the new desktop will be added to your list of existing desktops, and you will have to manually navigate to it.

How to Uninstall Multiple Desktops in Windows 11

If you’ve created too many multiple desktops in Windows 11 and want to reduce the number, uninstalling them is a simple process. However, if you have multiple desktops you won’t be able to remove them.

Hover your mouse over or click the Task View button in the taskbar.

Locate the desktop preview you want to delete and click the X button in the top-right corner to delete it. It’s worth highlighting that the X button appears when you hover your mouse over it. If you are experiencing inconvenience, you can also close the desktop by right-clicking it.

Every open desktop in Windows 11 is intended to function as its own desktop. In short, you can give each desktop a custom background and a unique name.

Furthermore, most apps will open different instances if you open them on different desktops. For example, if you open Microsoft Edge on one desktop to search for new wallpaper images, Edge will not open on any other desktops. If you open Edge on another desktop, it will be a separate instance that will have no effect on Edge elsewhere.

How To Use The Similar App Across Multiple Desktops

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use the same app across multiple desktops:

Click on the Task View button

Then, right-click the app you want to use on other desktops. If you want to ensure that the app is accessible across all of your desktops, select “Show windows from this app on all desktops.”

If you only want to open a single window in the selected app across all desktops, you can select “Show this window on all desktops.” This is useful if you have several spreadsheets open in Microsoft Excel and only want to work on one of them on your other computers.


You can also rearrange the virtual desktops in the Task View screen by dragging them left or right. All of these new elements have been added to increase productivity.

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