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Smartwatches are the best gadgets to help you stay active and fit. Apple Watch helps keep a track of your everyday workout and fitness routine, and the best part is that you can also share your achievements with your friends and family. Apple watches have social features built-in that enable users to track activity and share it with additional people. It helps you to keep motivated and aim to achieve bigger goals. It’s perfect for those who do their best in friendly revelry. This feature also allows you to view notifications wherever your friends get to their goals, finish workouts or earn more achievements. You can even challenge your friends to a competition. You get points once you reach closer to your activity. Have a read to learn how to share your activity on Apple Watch.

How to share Your Activity on Apple Watch With a Friend:

Here’s how you can do it:

First, launch the fitness app on your iPhone and click on Sharing

Select the Get Started option and do the following

Launch the Activity app on your Apple Watch

Now press the Digital Crown and select it from the apps list, or you can click on the Activity watch face complication.

Then Swipe left, turn the Digital Crown, and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

You can also add a friend by tapping Invite a Friend

You can only select from your contacts

Once your friend or family receives and accepts your invitation, you will be able to share your activities with them.

Adding a friend is also possible if you do it from your fitness app on your iPhone. Here are the steps for that:

Launch the fitness app

Click on the sharing icon

You will see a plus icon to add more friends. Simply add contacts from your new iPhone.

Tap the + icon and choose a friend from your contacts to send them an email invitation.

How to Check Your Friend’s Activity

After your friend has accepted your invitation to share their activity, you can check their activity, including their stats and any recorded workouts for the day.

How to Compete With Friends:

A little friendly rivalry never hurts anybody. That’s why the Apple watch offers you to compete with other people when it comes to fitness and exercise. You can also see how your friends are doing and how much work out they are doing? You can get points based on your daily activity. Usually, the competitions happen for 7 constructed days.

The goal is to reach the maximum points of 4200 within a week. Here’s how you can check out your friends’ points and their daily activities:

Launch the Activity app on your apple watch

Swipe left> scroll down and then click to add a friend

A list will pop up, scroll down and select compete

Again click on the invite and wait for your friend to accept it

How to Change Activity Sharing Settings:

 Apple enables users to change their activity sharing settings. So if you don’t want someone to see your activity, you can hide it or mute it or remove the friend. Here’s how to do it:

Launch the Activity app from our Apple Watch

Then do the following: Swipe left> scroll down > then tap a friend.

If you scroll even further, you will see 3 options: Mute Notifications, Hide My Activity, or Remove Friend.

Getting fit while doing all these is a little tiresome. This is why the Apple Watch offers so many features. Follow the above steps to view, complete, or hide your activity. That is it, and see you guys in another article.

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