IOS 9 Bugs For iOS Users

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Solve Common IOS 9 Bugs For iOS Users.

The IOS 9 upgrade didn’t come without several bugs that will demand fixing and adjustment from time to time. Many people have sent us complaints about bugs they discovered after upgrading to the IOS 9 operating system. Here are some common bugs you might encounter and how to can deal with them by yourself before you have to contact to a service center:

Message App with a Gray Bar On IOS 9

This bug is common amongst users who upgraded to the IOS 9. The bug appears in the form of a gray panel on the message text box area with a display timer ( 0:00). Although you will still be able to type text but the gray panel hides the text so that you cannot see it. Although there is no permanent way to fix the bug yet but can try this temporary fix:

> You just close the text app or message app from the background and then relaunch it. The problem might persist, you just need to retry the temporary fix again. Apple will soon notice this bug and then provide a permanent solution.


Safari Crashed On iPhone After Upgrade To IOS 9.2.1

Due to the bugs associated with this upgrade, many users have sent us reports about “Safari” crashing from time to time. You can deal with the problem by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings from the home screen

2. Scroll down and locate “Safari” and tap on it

3. Next is to tap on the option ” Clear history and Website Option”. Then confirm the process when required. Note that this action will clear all history, cookies and also history data from the device. If you are ok with this, then you proceed.

4. Next step is to restart your device, launch Safari and visit any website. It should work just fine now.


Stuck On Contacting the iOS Update Server

Although there is no current permanent fix for this bug, but you can try the following step to correct the problem:

1. Try a Network Reset procedure. An unstable network can cause this problem sometimes, so all you have to do is to turn the network off and back on. If you have a 3G or LTE data network on, you can switch to a WIFI before you update.

2. Next, you can try a hard reset to fix the issue. You can do this by pressing the power button and home button at the same time till the screen goes blank. Then press the power button to boot your device. Check for software update again, this time, the update will resume overall again.

3. Another way to get the update done is through iTunes. It is an old method but it might help you evade the problem of “stuck on update”.

 Connect your device to the computer/ MAC and turn on iTunes . iTunes may automatically show an option for an update for your device or you click on update.


IOS 9 Performing Slow On Old IPhone And IPad

Slow performances on your device as a result of your upgrade to IOS 9 can be fixed in the following ways:

 Disable Transparency and motion by navigating to Settings and tapping on General

 Move to Accessibility

 Locate increase contrast on the list and tap on it.

 Turn ON Reduce Transparency

 Locate Reduce motion and tap on it

 Turn the Reduce motion ON

After following the procedures above, the speed of your iPhone should have improved to a large extent. Other fixes come in the form of:

1. Disable Background App

2. Disable Siri Suggestion on your device


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