Are you wondering if you can track someone’s WhatsApp messages without them finding out? Maybe you want to know who your kid talks to or maybe you are suspicious that your partner is cheating on you. In both cases reading WhatsApp messages can be of great help.

There are several ways that you can use to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages without touching their phone or any other target device, with spy apps being the easiest and most effective method of collecting data from someone’s WhatsApp.

Why Do People Want To Spy On Someone’s WhatsApp?

Parents Concerned About their Kids

The majority of people who want to spy on someone’s WhatsApp are parents who want to know what their kids are doing on the internet, with whom they are talking, and what kind of content they share or receive. Most parents use parental control tools like spy apps with a monthly subscription which allows them complete control over their kid’s smartphones and other devices.

People Not Sure About Their Romantic Partners

People also spy on their partner’s WhatsApp if they suspect infidelity or simply out of jealousy. People may also hack their partner’s WhatsApp in the cases of divorce to collect information that can be used against their partner.

Employers Keeping An Eye On their Employees

Another group of people that may be interested in spying on someone’s WhatsApp are employers. Usually, employers use this method to make sure that their worker’s performance is satisfactory and to ensure the overall productivity of their staff.

What Information Can Be Obtained by Spying on Someone’s WhatsApp?

The most common method used to spy on someone’s WhatsApp is spy apps like mSpy. These apps are an ultimate monitoring solution that allows you to read every single message received or sent via WhatsApp. You will also be able to access messages that have been deleted and track specific details of the conversations like time stamps and recipient names. You’ll also be able to listen to voice messages.

Apps like mSpy also allow you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls and all related details. Other than that you can also look at browsing history, multimedia content saved, and shared and real-time location of the person you are spying on. You can also block specific apps and websites on their phone and track their social media activity.

How to Spy On Someone’s WhatsApp From Another Phone?

Spy apps can be used to hack into someone’s phone from another device. Spy apps run in the background of the targeted phone and are completely out of sight of the phone’s owner.

There are numerous spy apps available on Playstore and App store. But be careful while downloading a spy app as some of them can be fake. And some may even contain malware or a virus. Here is a list of spy apps that are efficient and easy to use:

  1. mSpy – The Editor’s Choice

The mSpy app is without any doubt the best solution for Whatsapp monitoring without them knowing. It is hard to find an app with better performance and price than mSpy. It contains several plans and bundle packages with multiple features, out of which you can select the one that fits your needs.

This solitary app allows you to keep an eye on all digital activities of the person you are spying on. Here are some key features of the mSpy app:

  • Monitor Calls, Texts, and Social Media Apps

With mSpy you can not only spy on someone’s WhatsApp but you can also monitor all of their calls and voice notes. Apart from that, you can also see incoming and outgoing texts from any app including Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, Tinder, and more.

  • Track Browsing History

You can track the browsing history of your kid or partner even if they have deleted it from their device. Along with that, you can also track their social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  • Track Location

With mSpy you can trace the live location of the person you are spying on in real-time with the GPS location feature.  You can also mark specific areas as safe zones and you will receive a notification whenever the person leaves the marked zone.

  1. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is an alternative spy app that allows you to intercept phone calls, read text messages, and collect all sorts of information from someone else’s phone. it contains more than enough features that are required to collect data from other devices.


Spyera is designed to collect information from other cell phones and computers although it can also be used to retrieve data from compromised devices. It allows you to secretly spy on someone’s digital activity. This app is compatible with almost all kinds of devices.

  1. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a mobile phone tracking app. It allows you to secretly track location, phone calls, text messages, and social media. It is a free monitoring software although it is not as feature-rich as mSpy.

  1. SpyFone

SpyFone is another tracking app specifically designed to track internet activity and text messages among other things on mobile phones. It can also help you track WhatsApp messages without the target phone.

Final Word

In conclusion, the majority of the information can be retrieved from WhatsApp only but spy apps offer so much more than that. And out of all the spy app, mSpy is as better as it gets. It is a complete monitoring and surveilling solution available at reasonable price.

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