How To Stop A Download On Android

There are times when we end up starting downloading the wrong files and app. And, then again we need to uninstall or delete the unwanted files and app. But, you can also stop the download if you have realized it quickly. There are ways to stop the download of an app or files in the mid-way. You must be wondering how. This article is all about that. Here we have discussed how to stop a download on Android. So, have a read to know the process in details.

How to stop a download on Android

How To Stop A Download On Android

Stop app download on Android

If you have started downloading something from the Google Play Store or Amazon store and soon you have realized that this is not what you were meant to, the best way is to stop the download right then. The process is too simple. As you tap on the install button, you must have noticed a progress bar of the downloading app. There is also an ‘X’ sign next to that progress bar. Just tap on that and it will stop the app download right then. The ‘X’ sign is too small, so you may need to tap on the sign a few times to make it work.

If you are wondering how to stop downloads on Galaxy S7, the same method will be applicable.


Stop file download on Android

If it is about a file download from an app or other places on your Android device, then there is no such direct way to cancel the download process. But, yes you can obviously stop the download mid-way by following other tricks. The tricks are as follows:

You can disconnect the Wi-Fi or internet connection and it will stop the file download.

The second method is to put your phone into the Airplane mode

And finally, you can power off your phone completely which will stop the file download right then.


Restrict download from apps

If you are using Chrome or other mobile browser and you have noticed that most of the times you end up downloading unnecessary apps accidentally, the best way is to restrict download from that specific app. Here is how to do that. We have taken the example of Chrome Browser here.

Launch settings

Go to the App & notification > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps

Now, ensure that the option ‘Not allowed’ is turned on next to each app


This is how to stop a download on Android. However, if you have already ended up downloading the unwanted apps or files on your Android device, just delete the unwanted app and that’s it.

You can uninstall the app by going to Settings > App & notification and then uninstall the one that you do not want.

To delete an unwanted file, go to settings>Storage > free up space > Downloads. Now, find the one you don’t want and delete it.

Another option is to reset the device to get rid of the unwanted stuff.

And there you have it ladies and gents.


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