Here is how to stop auto like on Instagram

You might have noticed several pictures have been liked from your account that you have not actually liked. There are several third-party apps on Instagram to which you give permission to access your account details. This causes random likes on photographs or videos. However, this can be corrected and the auto-like can be removed.

Here is how to stop auto like on Instagram

When you give permission to third-party apps to access your account details they can perform the below-mentioned actions over your account:

Follow or unfollow Instagram accounts from your account on your behalf.

Access your basic information which includes photos, videos, profile information, followers, etc.

Like and comment on photographs from your account on your behalf.

You have the option to take back this permission granted to the third-party apps. However, you need to use a computer to make the change. Those using a smartphone will have to log in with their credentials to bar any access given to the third-party apps on your Instagram account:

Open the choice of your browser on your PC

Login with your credentials

Click on Profile which is located on the top right-hand corner of the Home screen of Instagram

Click on Edit Profile

From the options given under it click on Authorized Applications. You will find all the third-party apps to which you have granted access to your account information listed under this option.    Here is how to stop auto like on Instagram

Click on an app and you will find the permissions that have been granted by you.

In order to remove the access of the app click on Revoke Access

Complete the process for the other apps too

Once you have made the changes exit the screen and change the password of your Instagram account.

Follow these easy steps to stop auto-like on photos from your Instagram account.


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