Instagram, a popular social media app from Meta shows suggested posts to users. The purpose of suggested posts is to introduce users to new content creators or to more content related to users’ interests.

But many users are interested in suggested posts or these suggested posts are not appealing to them. They get annoyed every time when they see these suggested posts and do not want to see or engage in posts of creators they don’t follow. If you are one of those who don’t want to see all the suggested posts then there are ways through which you can avoid these suggested posts on Instagram.

In this article, we will share with you the methods through which you can avoid all the suggested posts on your Instagram feed.

Stop suggested posts on Instagram:

There are two methods to stop the suggested posts on the social media platform owned by Meta. Both these methods are explained below:

Method 1: Snooze suggested Posts

The first method is to snooze the suggested posts, this method is temporary but it will help users to stop the suggested posts on Instagram for a few days. Here is how you can snooze suggested posts.

When you see a suggested post on your timeline, tap on the vertical three-dots button on the top right corner next to the creator’s name.

A menu will open at the bottom, tap on “not interested”. Instagram will stop showing you suggested posts from the specific creator or page.

When you select the “not interested” option, a popup will appear on the screen showing you a few options.

Select “snooze all suggested posts in feed for 30 days” and the app will stop showing you any suggested post for the next 30 days.

Method 2: Choose Chronological Feed

You can not disable suggested posts permanently on Instagram. Method 1 will only allow you to stop suggested posts for only 30 days, after that you have to do the process again to stop the suggested posts for 30 days.

Method 2 will stop showing the suggested posts by using the chronological feeds. If you remember Instagram added a chronological feed option a few months back where users can set their timeline based on “Following” and “Favourites”. The purpose of the chronological feed is to show you the content that you wish to see.

Tap on the Instagram logo and select “Following” or “Favourites”. If you select following, the app will show you the content from the creators and pages that you follow. If you select Favourites, the app will show you contents from creators and pages that you added as favorites.

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