When getting a new Samsung phone, you might extremely desire to move the stuff from the old phone to the new one. However, it may cost your effort and time a lot without knowing some tips. Luckily, this post will show you several ways to transfer content from an old Samsung phone to a new one without trouble. How to make it? Let’s see.

Ways to transfer data from an old Samsung phone to a new one

To migrate data from an old Samsung handset to a new one, there are mainly two methods: wireless transfer & USB transfer. Here, the following part will show you 2 ways for wireless transfer and 2 ways for USB transfer with a step-by-step guide. Please feel free to select one according to your needs.

Transfer the old Samsung phone to a new phone via USB cables

Using USB cables can transfer your Samsung data to the new smartphone without the network, which is dependable and efficient. Let’s go-ahead to have a look.

Way 1: Using MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (USB & Wi-Fi)

Without any delay, the first approach to transfer files from Samsung to another phone is using MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. Since it can transfer different kinds of data from phone to phone in a short time with its 1-click feature, it is recommended by many users.

No matter your device is running Android OS or iOS on Windows PC or Mac computer, it works always smoothly. Besides, to transfer files from Android to Android, both USB cable connection and Wi-Fi connection are available.

Importantly, it can not only transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung, but also call logs, videos, text messages, music, apps, documents, and photos.

Now, please check the detailed guide:

Above all, download and install it on your computer. Then launch it and connect your two Samsung phones to the computer with USB cables.

Next, enable the USB debugging feature on your Samsung devices as prompted. It will recognize your devices quickly and scan the data out.

After that, please tick off the data types and tap on the “Start Copy” button. Now, it begins to transfer the selected data from the old Samsung to the new one.

How to Transfer Data from an Old Samsung Phone to a New One Swiftly [4 Ways]

Way 2: Using Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile is a useful application, you can also use it to transfer files from the old Samsung phone to the new one. Both USB cable transfer and wireless transfer are available.

With some easy steps, it can send your wallpapers, background, and more settings to your new phone. Thus you get started with the new device in ease.

Please follow the steps:

From the beginning, please download and install the app on both mobile phones. Then open it and click the “Send data” on the old phone, and the “Receive data” on the new one.

Next, please choose the “Cable” option and connect a USB cable and an OTG USB adapter to your devices. Two phones will get connected soon.

To transfer your desired data to the new phone, please choose whatever you want on the old phone’s screen, and tap on the “Send” icon to initiate the process.

How to Transfer Data from an Old Samsung Phone to a New One Swiftly [4 Ways] 2

Transfer files from an old Samsung handset to a new one wirelessly

Wonder how to transfer contents from your old Samsung to a new one wirelessly? Then please don’t miss these 2 solutions as follows. No matter what you choose, it can give you a hand on file transfer.

Way 1: Using Bluetooth

Between two nearby Android phones, Bluetooth can make them connected without a network or a USB cable. That is, you can send the Samsung data via Bluetooth whenever you like.

Please follow the tutorial:

First, enable the Bluetooth feature on both devices. After a while, you can select your device on the searching list.

To make two phones connected, please tap on the “OK” option to confirm the pairing request.

Finally, please navigate to the files you want to send and click the “Share” icon to send them via Bluetooth.

How to Transfer Data from an Old Samsung Phone to a New One Swiftly [4 Ways] 3

Way 2: Using Google Drive

Using Google Drive is another common way to transfer files from the old Samsung device to a new one for numbers of users. With its built-in backup function on the smartphones, you can directly synchronize data from Samsung to Samsung via Google Drive.

Furthermore, it supports to sync various data types, as long as your devices are connected to a stable network.

Please follow the guide:

To start with, you need to add your Drive’s account on the old Samsung device: go to the Settings app > “Cloud and accounts” > “Accounts” > “Add account” > “Google” option. You can type your Google ID and password here.

Once added, you need to transfer data to Google Drive. Please tap on your account, and you can see the list of file types. Please select the desired data on the screen and hit the “More” > “Sync now” option.

Afterward, add the same Google account on your new phone and sync the backup data from your Google Drive to the device. And you will achieve the task at last.


Till now, 4 ways are offered above. Think it easier to transfer data from an old Samsung phone to a new one? If you have queries and suggestions, please don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments zone. We will reply to you soon.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.



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