How to Trigger EDL Mode on Nokia 3.2

The Nokia 3.2 is a budget phone featuring the Android One OS. Even though the phone doesn’t offer a great camera or perform as well, the Android experience definitely surpasses several other phones that fall in this category. It has a solid build, offers an optimized Android experience, quick upgrades, and an excellent battery backup. Devices running on Android One OS have several cool tweaks but if they are not customized accurately, the device can get bricked. A bricked device will not power on and operate normally.

Users that own a Nokia 3.2 and unfortunately happen to face this issue then there is an easy way to get your device back to functioning normally. The Nokia 3.2 runs on Qualcomm chipset and has an alternate download mode or the EDL. This special mode lets you flash stock firmware through an OEM-specific tool that helps in bringing back your device to the normal running condition. All you need to do is boot the device in this EDL. Before you learn about how to trigger EDL mode on Nokia 3.2,  let us learn more about what it is and what it has to offer to the users.

What is EDL:

EDL is short for Emergency Download Mode. When your Nokia 3.2 device runs into one of the situations – Forgot Password or Pattern, Bootloop, Frp Bypass, and Hang on Logo then this mode can help you come out of it.

Features of EDL:


Upgrade or downgrade

Read or write firmware/flash file/Stock ROM

Unlock Bootloader of Qualcomm chipset-based devices using just a single click

FRP/Google account bypass, remove FRP with just a single click

Helps in solving IMEI related problems, all types of software issues, battery draining quickly situation and also helps to remove google account

How to Trigger the Emergency Download Mode or EDL Mode on Nokia 3.2

Besides a bricked device the below-mentioned step-by-step guideline will also help in addressing issues such as – if the ‘Allow OEM Unlock’ toggle has been greyed out and the flash partition files are not permitted. Users must also note that the Nokia 3.2 00EEA does not feature a similar test point like that of a Nokia 3.2. The points present on the RF Shield require connecting for the 00EEA version device. It is also likely that the Nokia 3.2 V version has removed the test points completely and the step-by-step instructions mentioned below may not apply to this version at all.

Here is how to trigger the EDL Mode on the Nokia 3.2 device:

Begin by turning off your Nokia 3.2 device (power off) and then remove the SIM tray

Next, you must remove the back cover of your Nokia 3.2 phone.

You will see that there are some screws present on the top – you must remove all of them to access the motherboard

Before you can get to the motherboard you will have to remove the battery present in the phone

When you have removed the battery and the motherboard is visible, use a tweezer and connect the test points. This will trigger the EDL Mode on your Nokia 3.2

Next, connect your Nokia 3.2 to a PC, which will now recognize your device

Once the device is recognized you can unlock the bootloader of the phone and execute the flashing of files

Follow these steps above to safely trigger the EDL Mode on your Nokia 3.2 device if you run into any issues as mentioned in this article.

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