Galaxy note 8 emergency alert

It is quite embarrassing for you when your mobile phone suddenly starts ringing at full volume, especially when you are in a meeting, hospital, places of worship, movies or anywhere. Everyone’s eye turns on you if the same happens with you. Generally, many people silent their phones before going for an important meeting, movie or any other important work but it is obvious if they skip to turn their phone alerts on silent. To avoid such type of situation, you can silent all types of alerts. Thankfully, Galaxy Note 8 is offering such type of feature. This is the Amber Alert or Emergency Alert which many Samsung users are looking for in their Galaxy Note 8.

Stop the interruptions due to notification

If you want to put on your Galaxy note 8 emergency alert on silent, then you can arrange the reminders especially when you have dismissed them and forgot. You can turn off the sound completely or set your device on vibration so that you can be notified every time there is a message or mail but your Galaxy Note 8 will not make an interrupting loud noise.

Steps to turn off the emergency alerts

To turn off emergency alerts on galaxy note 8, you need to perform this step by step process discussed below:

Step 1: Open the message app on Galaxy Note 8.

Step 2: Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the message app interface. Tap on the Settings to get the drop-down list.

Step 3: Select Emergency Alert Settings. It will give you the option how you can get the messages delivered.

Step 4: There are four types of alert options including Presidential, Extreme, Severe and Amber. Except for Presidential alerts, you can disable rest of the alert options.

Galaxy note 8 emergency alert

Set the reminder

Many times, it happens that people forget to enable the alert notifications hence they miss out various types of notifications. For this, Galaxy Note 8 is offering reminder option as well. It allows the users to set the reminders so that they can turn on the notification. For this, you have to open Emergency Alert Settings by entering into the settings option of the messaging app. When you tap on the emergency Alert settings from the sub-options, you can choose “Alert Reminder”. By default, it is turned off. It gives you the option to manage the alerts. You can set how often you want to receive the alerts.


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