How To Turn Off Screen Time Without A Passcode

If you are a strict parent and don’t want your kids to use iOS devices for too long, then screen time is the best solution for all your worries. iOS devices have a dynamic feature called screen time that allows parents to control screen time for their kids. It gives detailed daily or weekly reports on individual apps that you have opened so far. You can also set a time limit on screen usage so that you or your kids don’t stay up late at night scrolling through their Insta feeds. This helps to build good digital habits in your kids.

However, once you have turned on your screen time, you can’t turn it off without a passcode, since the screen time is protected with a passcode so your kids can’t turn it off by themselves. Now, if you have forgotten your passcode, that’s a problem. But do not worry too much since we will let you know how to turn off screen time without passcode on your iOS devices. Read this article to know more.

What Is Screen Time and How Does It Work?

Before we begin, let us explain screen time and how it works. Basically, screen time, in simple words, is an iOS parental control feature that enables parents to control their kid’s time on screen. Apple first launched this feature in iOS 12.

Using screen time, you can set a time limit for how much time you can spend on your iOS device’s screen. There are also options if you wish to restrict some apps for kids. This way, they will not be able to open certain apps or use certain functions on the device.

You can also block some of the apps on your device, and those apps will not have any access to your iPhone. The goal is to limit screen time for you and your kids and build healthy digital habits. Now to turn on your screen time on your iPhone or iPad, here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Choose “Screen Time”
  • And turn on the screen time.

However, the screen time is protected by a passcode, so if you wish to turn it off, you will require a passcode, or you can’t turn it off otherwise. If you don’t remember the passcode, then continue reading.

How to Turn off Screen Time Without Passcode?

There are some ways you can turn off your screen time without any passcode. Honestly, there are two scenarios where you can use the methods. Let us give you a detailed overview of these different methods:

Scenario 1: With Apple ID Credentials

In this case, if you have your Apple ID credentials with you, you can easily turn off your screen time without any passcode. There are two different methods you can use in this scenario.

Method 1: Sign-out of iCloud Account

Since screen time is a built-in feature, it is directly linked and synchronized with your iCloud account. So once you sign out of the iCloud account, it will automatically turn off screen time features. It’s the easiest way to

turn off screen time on an iPhone without a passcode. But you need to remember your iCloud account credentials.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to your iCloud settings on your iOS device
  • Start scrolling down and tap on the “Sign Out” button
  • Once you click on it, the system will ask you to provide your Apple ID credentials.
  • After you enter, click on “Sign Out.”
  • After signing out of your iCloud, open settings once again and click on the screen time.
  • Then tap “Turn off screen time” and turn it off
  • You can then turn it off without any passcode

Method 2: Reset Screen Time Passcode

Another way to turn off your screen time without any passcode is to just reset the screen time passcode. To reset your passcode, you will require your Apple ID credentials. However, this method is only applicable to iOS version 13.4 or higher. If you have iOS devices with a lower version, then you need to update your iOS version.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on the screen time option
  • Now when you are asked to give the passcode, choose the “Forgot Passcode” option.
  • After that, type in your Apple ID and password to reset your forgotten screen time passcode.
  • After verifying your Apple ID credentials, you need to enter a new passcode and then confirm that new passcode by re-entering it.
  • Now, you can turn off your screen time using the new passcode.

Scenario 2: Without Apple ID Credentials

On the other hand, if you don’t remember your Apple ID credentials as well, you can still turn off your screen time without any passcode. If you don’t have your passcode or Apple ID credentials, then here are two methods to turn off your screen time on your iPhone.

Method 1: Restore Backup via iTunes

One way to turn off your screen time without any passcode or iCloud account credentials is via iTunes. Just open iTunes on your PC and turn off the screen time on your iOS device. Here are the steps below:

Go to iTunes on your PC or MAC

Then connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac

Next, tap on the summary and then on the restore button

Tap on it one more time to confirm it

Once you do that, it will restore the factory settings of your iPhone.

That’s it. It will automatically turn off your screen time on your iPhone.

Method 2: Factory Reset

Lastly, you can try and reset your factory and then turn off your screen. For this method, you will not require any passcode or Apple ID credentials. However, there is a catch. You will lose all your personal data on your iPhone. The steps are below:

Go to the settings on your iPhone

Now scroll down and tap on the “Reset” button on the menu down below

Tap on the reset button, wait for a few minutes, and your iPhone will restart.

Before your iPhone gets restarted, choose the option “Erase all content and settings” from your reset menus.

Once your device restarts, you will see your screen time has been turned off.

Above are all the methods to turn off your screen time without any passcode. For more tips and tricks on iOS devices, read our other related articles.

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