Turn Off 'Shared With You' on Mac

Shared With You is the latest and greatest feature that seeks to keep the joy of sharing alive. A person who sends you a photo or a link to an article does so to see their joy reflected in the person with whom they shared the content.

You should see the “Shared with You” section inside several apps, including Photos, Safari, Podcasts, Apple TV, Apple News, etc. More precisely, this feature extends the shared content in Messages, such as links, photographs, and videos, to its related App, so that whenever you want to see that photo, video, or news, simply open that App and seek for the Shared with You section, rather than scrolling through the Messages Chat.

Apple introduced Shared with You in its latest macOS Monterey, which takes content you’ve received in Messages and makes it available in the relevant App on your Mac. So, when anyone shares content with you, such as a link or TV show, it will appear in a special Shared with You section of the related App.

Although, if you don’t want content that has been shared with you in Messages appearing elsewhere on your Mac, you can disable “Shared with You”. Alternatively, you can block it only for select apps or turn it off for individual SMS chats. Read along to find out how to turn off Shared With You in macOS Monterey, as well as why you might want to do so.

How To Turn Off “Shared with You” On Mac

You can turn it off for individual chats if you want to restrict content shared by a specific user in Messages from appearing in other apps. Here’s how to do it:

Select a chat session in the Messages app.

Then, in the top-right corner of the Messages window, click the info (the circled “i”) button

Now, uncheck the box next to Show in Shared With You by clicking it.

How to Hide Shared With You in a Specific App

You can disable Shared with You content for a specific app if you don’t want it to appear in that App. For example, you might not want webpage links shared with you in Messages to appear on Safari. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to manage Shared with You on your Mac for specific programs:

At first, in the Messages app, click on Messages

Then, go to Preference in the menu bar

Now, select the “Shared with You” preference tab from the drop-down menu.

Next, Uncheck the box next to the App you want to disable Shared With You content.

Tip: If you don’t want shared content to appear in Safari, you can disable it there. To view your Start Page inside a new Safari tab, go to the bottom-right corner of the window and click the customize button, then uncheck the option next to “Shared with You.”

Hope this article helped you turn off the “Shared with You” feature on Mac. But, if you face any issues or have any questions regarding other latest features of Apple, get in touch with Apple customer care.

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