How To Turn On Chrome Dark Mode

To fulfill every individual’s screen viewing requirements, you can now add a new look to enhance your overall experience of using devices. One of the latest updates on all devices is dark mode; this modification results from unsatisfactory experiences with the normal mode. If you are wondering that how to turn on Chrome dark mode for various devices, don’t be; your concerns and queries will be eliminated after reading this article.

What Is Dark Mode, And Why Do People Use It?

Dark mode reduces the light emitted, and this has many benefits for the users and the device. The dark mode is also known as black mode, night mode, and dark theme. Some apps in devices need to be individually enabled to dark mode, and some can be enabled without much effort. If you have ever used incognito mode, you will realize that the google chrome dark theme is very similar. This is a recent update and has got many positive feedbacks from users of all devices. Following are the benefits of using dark mode:

  • Reduces blue light exposure
  • Better for eyes
  • It can increase battery life and remain charged up for longer durations.
  • It offers a comforting experience for users

How To Turn On Chrome Dark Mode on various devices:

Turn on dark mode for PCs and computers (windows)

Step 1: On your laptop, go to settings.

Step 2: After opening settings, select ‘Personalization’ and scroll down.

Step 3: Now, you will see many options, select ‘Colors’ and scroll down to ‘Choose your default app mode’.

Step 4: Now, from the two options shown: light and dark, select dark, and after doing so, you will notice that almost immediately, all apps apart from google chrome will be in dark mode.

Turn on dark mode for macOS

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Search for ‘system preferences’ and then select the ‘general’ tab.

Step 3: From the list of options shown, select ‘appearance’.

Step 4: Now select ‘dark mode’, and that’s it; you will notice that all your apps, including google chrome, is in dark mode.

Turn on dark mode for Android

Dark mode for android has recently been added in the newer updates.

Step 1: Start by entering chrome://flags in the browser’s address bar. After doing so, you will see many options.

Step 2: Select the ‘Search flag box’ and then enter and type ‘dark’ and then two options will show up. One is ‘android chrome UI dark mode’ and the other option is ‘android web contents dark mode’.

Step 3: Select the first option, and within a few seconds, the dark mode should be activated for your android device. In case if the first option does not work, you can try using the second option.

Step 4: There’s a little more to do; switch the setting to ‘activated’ under each drop-down menu. And then restart google chrome.

Step 5: Go to settings and select ‘themes’ > then select ‘dark’. It is possible for the themes option to not show at first, and if that happens, you can restart your phone to see if it appears.

Turn on dark mode for Apple devices

A few months back, a dark mode was not available on google chrome for apple users. However, after the major update, dark mode on google chrome can be switched on for apple devices.

Step 1: Go to settings and look for ‘Display and Brightness’.

Step 2: From the two options shown under appearance: light or dark, select ‘dark’.

Step 3: That’s it; after doing this, the dark mode has been enabled; you can check google chrome to rectify.


It is a relatively new experience for all users and an effort to improve a user’s daily screen time. The benefits offered are significant, and they can improve the overall experience. This new feature is available to all devices now. Using these steps, you can enable dark mode almost immediately, and in case if you don’t like the dark mode, you can switch to light mode using the same way.

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