We have got the Xiaomi Poco M3 here and if you have gained root access to this device for experimenting with different things or trying out different ROMs and now you are stuck in a boot loop. This might happen if you’re not familiar with what you’re flashing on your device. It can also result in some unexpected bugs depending on what you install.

If you’re not familiar with the compatibility issues with Xiaomi POCO M3 or with the latest version of android in general. You may end up having some issues with your device so for those people who are running into issues with their Xiaomi POCO M3, this article will be walking you through how to unbrick this device.

This article will also provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix a boot loop and even how to simply just return to the stock factory firmware which is MIUI for the POCO M3. Before you begin you need to have some things set up ahead of time. Naturally, we are working within a POCO M3 with an unlocked bootloader. You also going to need to download the Mi flash tool on your computer. It needs to be downloaded and extracted onto the pc and you’re also going to need to download the firmware for your smartphone that matches the country version that you want to install.

Since we are on the global POCO M3, we simply going to look in the list for the global variant. We also want to make sure that we downloaded the fast boot version which is four GB. Scroll through and you will see a download link for that fast boot file. However, when you go to the download page you will see two download links. One is for the recovery image and the other is for the fast boot ROM. We want to download the four GB fast boot version.

So, we will download the full rom from here. We also need to have our device running in fast boot mode. We do that by first powering off the Xiaomi POCO M3, once you see that black screen we’re going to wait a few seconds just to make sure the device is turned off. Once we know the phone is turned off, we’re going to press the power and volume down buttons at the same time and we’re going to continue holding those two buttons down until we get into fast boot mode.

If you’re not familiar with how to do that we have done a dedicated tutorial showing you how to get into fast boot mode.

We are also going to need to connect the device to our PC with the USB cable. Extract the contents of the firmware file that you just downloaded. You will see another zip file when you extract the firmware file, extract the second zip file to get the original content of the firmware. When we extract the contents of the second zip file we get a folder. So, when we look in that folder we will see several files and an image folder.

Due to the limitations of the Mi flash tool, we’re going to copy all of these files, create a new folder paste it to a new folder on any of your drive partitions. This is because when we extract the firmware file it created a huge file path and we need to reduce the file path due to the limitations of the Mi flash tool. We have just created a simple folder called “test”, you can name this folder anything you want but remember always use the simple name. As we paste all of those images into this file so that our file path to this folder is short. We also created a folder in our “E” drive so our file path is “E:\test”.

We are going to copy that entire path and past it into the Mi flash tool that we downloaded and install on our PC.

We just open the tool and we’re going to place the h file path into the box right at the top next to the “select” button.

Also, look at the bottom of the Mi Flash tool and make sure that the “clean all” option is selected. By default, it’s going to be set to the clean all and lock and that’s going to re-lock your bootloader. Not many people want to do that, you can do that if you want but not many people want to do that. Once we have that set up we can then connect our POCO M3 to the pc with the USB cable and then we’re going to click this refresh button right at the top next to the box where we placed the file path.

Your PC will detect the phone while it is in fast boot mode. You should get the device option right in the Mi Flash Tool. So, once you are ready again make sure the folder path is properly set, we have a device set right there, all we have to do is click the flash button right at the top next to the refresh button. What’s going to happen is the Mi flash program is going to execute this batch file in that folder where you just copy the content of the extracted file.

That is how we revert to the original stock firmware. All we’re going to do is to wait patiently, we have a progress bar right there that we can sit and watch. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to complete the flash process again we’re just going to wait and make sure we do not get any errors that pop up. Once we finish up we are going to see this flash done message pop-up right there. Your POCO M3 will reboot and then you will see a success message over there on the right.

When it’s done we can unplug the USB cable and just wait for the phone to reboot. Remember we just basically did a factory data reset but just a very big one so this first boot cycle back into android is likely going to take longer than normal. Again, we’re just going to be patient and then wait for it to boot us into the android activation screen. Go through the setup process and there we have it is the POCO M3. So, that is how to unbrick the POCO M3 and return it to its stock MIUI firmware.

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