Unlock AT&T phone for Free

Do you want to change the carrier from AT&T to others? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right page. Some phones are locked to AT&T and you can’t use other networks. Well, this is surely big trouble and you feel like you cannot do anything about it.

People think that unlocking an AT&T phone is very difficult and time-consuming. So they leave it to professionals who charge a high cost for this task. But let me tell you that this is a very easy and simple process which you can do yourself and yes you need not spend any single buck for it. So let’s start.

Checking your AT&T device

  • Make sure is SIM unlocked
  • It must be active on the network for at least 50 days
  • You must have paid the entire price for the device

Before proceeding to the steps make sure you have these things handy

The account number of the device

The account password and the social security number

IMEI or MEID of your AT&T device

You can dial *#06# from your device to find the IMEI number.

And obviously the phone number of the device.

Now proceed to the steps to Unlock AT&T phone for Free

Unlock AT&T phone for Free

First, go to att.com/deviceunlock and fill the unlock form.

Read the eligibility requirements and agree to their terms.

After completing the form submit it.

Now you will receive a confirmation email along with the unlock number.

Confirm your request by clicking on the link present in the mail.

AT&T team will respond to your unlock request within two business days. They will inform you about the unlock status and if everything goes right, your device will get unlocked.

Done, you have successfully unlocked your AT&T phone for free. Now you can use other networks on your device without any problems.


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