How To Unlock Sprint Phones

Sprint phones are locked to a particular network and you cannot use the device on a different network without unlocking the phones. The sprint devices are locked because of an agreement between the company and the carrier network. The phones are locked to work on sprint network only and if you want to use it with a different carrier or in a different country it must be unlocked. But the good news here is you can unlock sprint device yourself. What you just need to do is follow some of the simple steps listed below.

Another great thing about sprint devices if you have purchased it after February 2015 it will be auto-unlocked after you had fulfilled all the necessary requirement.

An older sprint device needs to be unlocked by the user.

But in order to unlock a sprint device, you must fulfill certain requirements.

Your device must be active on the Sprint network for at least 50 days.

Your device must be SIM unlocking capable.

You must have paid the full cost of the phone if you are paying through installments.

You need the following details for unlocking your Sprint phone

  • First of all, you need the IMEI number. This can be found on the device or the box. You can even get it by dialling *#06# from your phone’s dialer. This will show you the IMEI number.
  • The account number and password.

Now follow the steps To Unlock Sprint Phones

How To Unlock Sprint Phones

Call sprint customer support and ask for the software unlocks code. The customer support executive will verify some details and then will send you the code.

Go to settings and then select the advanced settings option.

Tap on SIM card or SIM and then type MEPD. Now hold the Alt key and then type MEP.

Press “2” on your Phone

Here you will be asked to enter the unlock code. After entering the correct phone your device will be unlocked.

Most of the Sprint phones follow a similar procedure. However, the method may differ slightly in other devices.


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