Unpair An Apple Watch

If you face issues while selling or upgrading your old iPhone, you might want to unpair Apple Watch from your old iPhone and perhaps back it up. Here we will look at how to do this if you have your iPhone and Apple Watch near you.

When you unpair an Apple watch from your device, the wearable is returned to factory settings. However, since the Apple Watch is erased in this procedure, your iPhone automatically prepares a backup. This is one of the important reasons to keep your Apple Watch near your iPhone during the steps below.

Steps To Unpair An Apple watch

Step 1 – Place your Apple Watch and iPhone nearby (next to each other)

Step 2 – Take your iPhone and locate the Apple watch app

Step 3 – Tap on the “open” option

Step 4 – From the top of the My Watch Screen, locate “All watches”

Step 5 – Then click on it

Step 6 – Find and select the Info button from the right side of your present watch

Step 7–Select the “Unpair Apple Watch” option

Step 8 – Click on “Unpair (your watch name)” to confirm the process

[Note: You can choose to retain or dismiss your mobile or cellular data (if you have one)]

Step 9 – Enter your Apple ID and password

Step 10 – Now click on “Unpair” to disable the activation lock

After this, your Apple watch will start to back up the most recent data to your iPhone. Once completed, it will spontaneously unpair from your iPhone device, erase every active Bluetooth accessory pairing, wipe out all your Apple pay cards and delete the password.

In the end, your Apple watch data will automatically restore to your Apple factory settings.

Pair Apple Watch With New Device

Follow these steps to learn how to pair your Apple watch to a new device and transfer the Apple watch data to that device.

The following is required for this process

  • Turn off the activation lock of your AppleID
  • WiFi connection (both new and old iPhone)
  • Your Apple Watch password
  • Charged Apple Watch and iPhone

Before pairing to your new iPhone, you need to back up your Apple Watch data. To do so, follow these steps –

Step 1 – Update your old iPhone (It is required that you update your Apple watch and old iPhone before swapping to a new phone. Also, keep charged both the devices during the process)

Step 2 – Review your health and activity setting

Step 3 – Backup your old iPhone

Step 4 – Set up your new iPhone device

Step 5 –On your new device, open the Apple Watch app

Erase Apple Watch Data Without iPhone

Below are the steps to erase Apple Watch data without your iPhone

Step 1 –Go to Settings on your Apple Watch

Step 2 – Tap on General

Step 3 – Swipe down to the bottom

Step 4 – Click on Reset

Step 5 –Now click on “Erase All Content and Settings”

Step 6 – Now enter your password when prompted

Step 7 –Swipe down and select “Erase All”/ “Erase All and Keep Plan” if you have a cellular Apple Watch

Erase Apple Watch Data Without Password

You can reset your watch if you cannot remember your password. However, it would not be able to create a fresh backup. Follow these steps to erase data without a password

Step 1 –Put your Apple Watch on a charger

Step 2 – Press & hold the side button

Step 3 –Firmly press on the Power off slider & let go

Step 4 – Now click on “Erase All Content & Settings”

These steps will help you to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone device. But, if you face any problem while performing any steps, you should contact Apple customer care service.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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