Update Directx In Windows

Having an updated DirectX is important for operating any multimedia, usually for gaming on Microsoft-driven operating systems. This blog aims to guide you on how you should check the latest Direct X version on your computer and offer some insight on the steps required to be followed to update DirectX in Windows 10/11. It is a comparatively easy fix. You just need to simply fasten the SATA connector cables and dive in straight to the task.

How should you check your current DirectX version?

Before updating your Direct X, take into consideration the version you have currently installed. Some of the PCs using older GPUs won’t support DirectX12. This is why it is important to know the Dx12 generation you should download beforehand.

Steps to check your current DirectX version:

Open the Windows start menu

Type ‘Dxdiag’ in the search bar and go ahead pressing the Enter button

Look for the DirectX version in the system information window

You can view the DirectX generation right above as DirectX 12, and its exact version will be listed just below. All these steps also apply to checking the DirectX version you are using on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC.

Windows 10 Operating Systems are pre-installed with DirectX 11.3 and DirectX 12 by default.

How should you download and update DirectX in Windows?

There are 2 ways to proceed with updating DirectX12 on the Windows Operating System. The first one involves manually downloading it from the Microsoft software support official page. For installing the software once it is downloaded, here are the steps you should follow:

Visit the folder named ‘Downloads’ and right-click on the DirectX installer.

Select the option Run as administrator

Provide the permissions necessary and continue with installing.

After installation is done, restart the computer to apply the new effects.

Another method of installing DirectX 12 is simply by forcing Windows to update the operating system. Here is how you can get an idea that your Windows-driven PC or desktop is running the currently available software version.

Click on Start Menu

Next, proceed to click on the setting that is located just on the right-hand side of the panel

Continue by clicking on update and security

Click on the option ‘Check for Update’ and process installing any pending Windows updates.

Once the updates are installed, you will have to restart the computer and check the new DirectX version, considering the steps mentioned above, to verify that the same is up-to-date.

Installing DirectX in Safe Mode

For indirectly updating DirectX, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can force the Windows platform to conduct a manual software update to the latest Windows OS version. In case you are having trouble with the installation of DirectX, go ahead and run Windows in Safe Mode. The step-by-step guide is here as follows:

Open the Windows Start Menu

Now move the arrow just next to the Shutdown option on the bottom right end of the menu

Hold the Shift key and click on the Restart option

You will get to see a blue popup screen greeting you. Next, you need to click on the Troubleshooter option and proceed with the ‘advanced options.

Click on the startup settings and then press restart

When the PC restarts, you will get to see another similar interface.

Now this time, you will have to press number F4 or 4 which will lead the Windows to start running in the Safe mode.

The reason behind running the DirectX installer in the Safe mode is that this Safe mode is behind the function of the default factory settings and assists with any kind of compatibility issues popping up. All other software you have will prevent you from installing newly downloaded internet files, like any Anti-virus software.

Uninstalling the DirectX

It is not really possible to uninstall DirectX12 since it is a part of the core default Operating System files that are originally available with Windows. It is essential to run a lot of applications together properly. Say, for instance, you are having some issues with the software-related gaming app you love playing. In such a case, it is best to update the GPU drivers rather than tinkering with various DirectX versions. Once you are done with updating the GPU Drivers, go ahead with ensuring that the monitor drivers are all updated.

Hardware and System Requirements for running DirectX 12

If you have a Windows 7 Operating System or a newer version, you can simply run the DirectX 12 for the duration that the GPU will support it. DirectX 12 is presently supported by all the NVIDIA graphic cards built on the Maxwell, Pascal, Kepler, Turning as well as Ampere architecture; any GPU with a name starting with 600,700, 900,2000, and so on will support it.

All the GPUs are mostly the new ones for AMD, while the 77xx series supports the DX12 completely. Do note that the DirectX12 is unavailable for Laptops or Desktops running on the MacOS. This is owned strictly by Microsoft and is exclusively developed for operating on Windows. As per the updates, it is likely to become available for a few Linux versions.

Windows Versions that are incompatible with the DirectX 12

Any of the Windows versions, including Windows 7 or newer, can easily run with DirectX 12. But you need to consider that some of the titles might not be able to properly run on a Windows 7 platform with DirectX 12 version. While Vista too supports it technically, it is advised to stay away from the use of Vista. If you face any compatibility issues running the game on your PC or Laptop with Windows 7 with DirectX 12, switch to DirectX 11 instead.

The Benefits of Upgrading to DirectX 12

 DirectX showcases an amazing performance boost over it’s older generation i.e., DirectX 11. This is most noticeable in terms of optimized power efficiency and raw performance boost. It is largely estimated that DX12 is nearly 50% faster than DX11. That means you should always be aiming to opt for DX 12 since it is just like availing a GPU upgrade for free. It might be time to quit the legendary GTX 550-ti and switch to the next newer version of GPUs.

The third and prominent benefit of DX12 concerns game stability and optimization. Having the DX12 will offer you the privilege of backward compatibility with all the titles made to run on the older DirectX versions. Thereby, you don’t have to worry since you can continue running and using the emulators for the previous games on it easily.

Key Point

  • If you have the current version of DirectX12, you will enjoy quality performance gains in all areas. Any new game that is released is designed to work effectively with the DX12 platform.
  • You cannot uninstall the DX 12 platform. Hence, if you face any trouble while in the middle of a game and it crashes, it is quite likely that there is an issue with your GPU or Display. Do not install any third-party app claiming to have the power of uninstalling the DirectX 12 all for free.
  • Make sure to download DirectX from Microsoft’s official site directly to avoid any malware or outdated versions.

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