How to Update Google Chrome on Your Laptop

To get the best browsing experience and keep your computer safe from security threats it is important that you always keep your browser updated. If you are using the Google Chrome app for your browsing then here is a step by step process on how to get a Chrome update.

Steps to Update Google Chrome on Your Laptop

How to Update Google Chrome on Your Laptop

Open your Google Chrome app

Now go to the Menu which is on the top right corner of the browser. Three vertical dots in a line is where you need to click.

Click on it and from the drop-down select Help

Clicking on Help gives you more options from which you need to select About Google Chrome

This will open up a new tab on your browser where you will find the latest version of Google Chrome mentioned

If there is an update, you will get the option which says Update. Once you click it, your Google Chrome update will begin.

If your Google Chrome app is already updated, then you will see a statement that says – Google is up to date.

Now that you know the steps to update your Google app you can finish the process on your laptop and enjoy using the browser uninterruptedly.



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