how to update MacBook Pro

Updating software on your Mac keeps it safe and secure.  Software updates are essential as they are released in order to remove the bugs and issues present in the previous version.  They also add new and latest features which enhance the user experience and make the system compatible with the latest software and applications. Mac users generally ignore software updates as they think they are safe from viruses and bugs while on Mac. However, it is completely wrong. Mac devices are also vulnerable to infection just like windows and other computers OS.

This makes updating system software a crucial step. If you are having trouble updating your Mac device just follow the steps listed below.

Here is how to update MacBook Pro

  • Start your computer and then click on the Apple logo present in the top left corner. This will open a new window.
  • Now click on software update option. Your computer will now search for the new version of the OS. This may take a few minutes.
  • After searching for updates, it will display a message saying Your software is up to date if your Mac is running on the latest version of the OS. This means no further update is needed and you can simply quit this window.
  • If a new version of the OS is available, a dialogue box will appear. You will three different options namely Show details, Not Now and Continue.
  • Click on show details option if you want to proceed with the updating procedure.
  • A list of all the updates that will be downloaded will appear.
  • You can now scroll down and uncheck the boxes that you don’t want to update. However, it is recommended to go with the default settings. Now click on the install button. how to update MacBook Pro
  • This will start the downloading process. You can check the downloading status on the status dialogue box.
  • Your computer will then ask you to reboot it when the downloading is completed.

Congratulations now your MacBook is running on the latest version of the OS and is completely safe and secure.



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