Use a 4-digit passcode on iPhone

Unlocking your Apple devices has always been a hassle-free task. Nowadays, you can simply use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your Apple devices. But before all this technological advancement, Apple used to have this old passcodes method to unlock iPhones. Those using iPhones for quite a long must have remembered that before Apple released its iOS 9, users could unlock their devices using just a four digits passcode instead of 6 digits. After the iPhone released its new iOS 9, the default passcode settings changed from 4 digits to 6 digits.

However, many users still miss the iPhone’s old features. Mostly because 4 digits passcodes are much easier to remember than 6 digits passcodes. For that reason, Apple didn’t completely erase the feature. You can still use a 4 digits passcode to unlock your iPhone. Read the article to learn how to switch back and use a 4-digit passcode on your iPhone.

Should you need a 4 digits passcode?

Usually, nowadays, people don’t really bother with passcodes and patterns on their phones. They slightly have become outdated. Although Android devices give you a default option for 4 digits passcode, iPhone devices don’t have that option. Instead, you get a 6 digit passcode to unlock your iPhone. So which one is better: 4 digits passcode or 6 digits passcode?

In terms of security and safety, a 4 digits passcode is not up to the mark. A 6 digit passcode is way more secure than a 4 digits passcode. Since there are only 10000 possible combinations, you can create a 4 digit passcode. On the other hand, with a 6 digits passcode, there are a total of 1 million possible combinations you can try.

However, using a 6 digit passcode can be troublesome, especially for older people. Many users who have been using iPhones for a long time now are habituated with using a 4 digits passcode. For them, using a 6 digit passcode doesn’t feel right. However, you can say that if you are a business person or have many important things on your iPhone, then using a 6 digits passcode might be the right option for you. If you are just missing the good old days and want to unlock your phone just like those days, then you can easily do that.

How to use a 4-digit passcode on iPhone & iPad:

If you want to unlock your device with a passcode, but big passcodes are hard to remember, you can easily change your passcode from 6 digits to 4 digits. Here’s how you can do it.

Steps to change the default passcode on your iPhone:

Open your iPhone and go to the Settings app.

The settings menu will open up, search for “Face ID & Passcode” or “Touch ID & Passcode” option and Select it. The option can vary from device to device.

Once you have clicked on the option, the system will ask you to enter your old passcode. Note that if you forget your old passcode, you will no longer proceed to the next.

Type down your old passcode and tap next.

There you will see an option to change your password.

Tap on that to create a new passcode.

You must enter your current password code to move forward to the next step.

Type it down, and before that, make sure to choose a 4 digits passcode.

To do that, tab on the Passcode Option and select “4-digit Numeric Code”.

Now enter your new 4 digit passcode and hit next.

Rewrite the passcode to confirm it and hit OK.

Now close the settings app and lock your phone. You will see that you will be asked to give a 4 digits passcode once you try to unlock it.

Note: To create the passport with multiple number combinations, do not make an easy passcode (I.e. 0000/1234) mixture. Easy combinations may be easier to remember, but other people can also easily unlock your iPhone.

That is all for this article. Follow the above steps to choose a 4 digit passcode for your iPhone. Hope this helps, and tell us what you wanna know next.

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