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When you are trying to switch to a new Android phone from your old Android device, the process is always easy. On the other hand, switching to an Android device from an iPhone was a matter of concern previously. Not now, as with the newly launched feature, Google allows users to transfer all the data from iPhone to an Android phone with a few clicks. This is Google’s new iPhone app named Switch to Android app. An iPhone user can easily transfer all the data without any hassle using this app. Google has just introduced this application, and for now, it is only working for people who are ditching their iPhones and switching to one of Google’s Pixel phones. So, we can say that Pixel owners will enjoy this privilege for now. After a certain time, this feature will be available for all iPhone users willing to switch to Android.

So, how can someone transfer the data and files using the Switch to Android app? Let’s discuss.

How to use Switch to Android app

Download Switch to Android App on your Google Pixel smartphone

For now, only Google pixel owners can use this application. So, first, you have to install Switch to Android on your iPhone. You can search for this application in the app store and install it on your device. Once it is installed on your phone, it will ask you for a few permissions and a few setups. Follow the instructions on screen and give all the permissions to the application for doing the process without any obstacles.

Make sure that both of the devices are charged enough

Before starting the transaction process, make sure that both of your devices are charged enough (minimum 70-80%). Don’t start the process when any of the two devices ( your iPhone and your new Android phone) has low battery.

Connect your iPhone to your newly purchased Android phone

Connect your Google Pixel device with your Wi-Fi. Your device will now ask how you want to copy the data from your old phone. Tap on the Next button twice, and you will be able to see on-screen “use your old device”.

Here, you will be given two options. You can connect your iPhone to your pixel Android device directly using USB-C to lightning cable or transfer the data wirelessly.

(Note- Those using avoid connection can be faster, not everyone has USB-C to lightning cable)

Now, as you want to transfer the data wirelessly, you have to tap the “No cable?” written on the screen. Next, tap on the text “Using an iPhone device?”.

Tap on the Next button and approve the location access request on your Google Pixel smartphone.

Sign in to your Google account when prompted

Your Google account will be added, and your Android device will display a QR code

Use this QR code to use Switch to the Android app on your iPhone to scan

Now, open the Switch to Android application on your iPhone and accept all the terms and conditions

Go to the next screen, and here, you will find a viewfinder to scan the QR code from your Google pixel.

Accept the prompt on your iPhone and allow the two devices to connect.

Now grant the excess of the application to use your personal information such as photographs, contacts, and calendar. Select OK to approve. Make sure to allow access to all your photographs.

Now, your iPhone will prepare itself for the transaction. Here, you will see on-screen written “Step 2 of 4”. Here, you can now turn any process on or off or you can also select specific photographs to transfer. Once you are done choosing, you have to tap continue.

Leave the application open on your iPhone, and it will now get all your data.

On the other hand, you have to continue following the setup prompts on your Android phone, including approving permissions, setting up pin code, etc.

Once you have gone through the transfer process, your iPhone will remind you to turn off iMessage.

You can request Apple to transfer your photos and videos to Google photos as a final step. It is an optional step, and in this step, you can sign into your Apple ID account and request Apple to move all your photos and videos to Google photos.

When the process is done, your iPhone and Android phone will tell you. Tap on Done, and you are good to go.


Hope that this great application will be available for all Android users soon, but for now, only Google Pixel users will enjoy the privilege, and iPhone users can easily switch to Google Pixel devices without losing any of their data using this application.

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