How to Use Apple Maps Look Around in Cities

iPhone users have a feature known as Look Around in the Apple Maps. The feature lets you navigate certain cities in 3D at 360° mode. The feature was made available in the iOS 13 update, so if you want to use this feature, then you update your iPhone to iOS 13.

How to Use Apple Maps Look Around in Cities?

How to Use Apple Maps Look Around in Cities

The Look Around feature is available in selected cities. You will know the city offers Look Around feature when you see a small thumbnail in the form of a pair of binoculars on the screen.

When you tap the thumbnail, you will be able to navigate the location in 3D effect at 360°. You can swipe your finger up, down, right, left, around the scene and diagonally also.

If you wish to zoom in, then pinch the screen using two fingers and zoom in or out.

Tap a certain point on the screen in front of the view and you can travel along the location. If you see a street, tap it to move in a particular direction.

The Apple Map will flash the names of prominent spots and landmarks while you are walking through the streets of the city. For some points, tapping on the names of these landmarks will display the contact details and address of the spot along with a button for directions. The details screen can be closed by tapping on the X symbol.

You can also change your location view without any hassles. All you need to do is tap on the double arrow symbol on the top –left screen on the map. This will shrink and move Look Around windows to the top of your screen while the regular map will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on a specific spot that you want to view in Look Around and the view will shift to the location that you just tapped.

Exit the screen by tapping on Done when you have finished using the feature.

The Look Around feature is an interesting feature that Apple Maps is offering its users. You can get to know more about the city in an interesting and entertaining way.

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