Use Spatial Audio on AirPods Pro

Apple has bought improvements to the iPhone and has introduced many new features for AirPods Pro also. The AirPods Pro, with its spatial audio feature, gives an immersive 3D audio tech bringing you a theater audio experience to the movie that you are watching. It seems that the sound is approaching from all around you. The AirPods Pro are wireless earbuds. The spatial audio feature uses the gyroscope that helps to track the head’s motion, and the accelerometer tracks the position of the iPhone. But how to use Spatial Audio on AirPods Pro? Read on to know the process.

What is a Spatial Audio Feature?

The spatial audio feature is an auto-processing technique that is quite sophisticated that tricks the brain to believe that a particular sound is emanating from some of the specific points through three-dimensional space.

The Spatial audio feature on the AirPods Pro seeks directional audio filters. The feature helps to compare the motion data from the head to the screen. This allows you to know better as to how they are moving.


You will need your iPhone 7 to take complete advantage of the Spatial Audio feature or any one of the below iPad models:

  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch – 3rd generation and later
  • iPad Pro 11 inch
  • iPad Air – 3rd generation
  • iPad – 6th generation
  • iPad mini – 5th generation

Along with the above, you will require an iOS installed on the device with the latest firmware programmed on the AirPods pro.

How to Turn on and use Spatial Audio on AirPods Pro?

Connect the AirPods Pro to your iOS smartphone

Next launch the settings app on the iPhone or iPad

From the appeared list, search for your AirPods Pro

Next to the AirPods, click on the info (i) button

Toggle to the switch to ON to the green position that is next to the Spatial Audio

You can see a demonstration about the spatial audio if you click on the See and Hear How It Works. You can even switch from the stereo to the spatial audio to know the difference between the two.

Process to Turn the Spatial Audio Feature On and Off in Control Center

First, connect your AirPods Pro to the iOS device

Using the home button on the iPad, you will have to launch the Control Center. On your iPhone 8, double-tap on the Home button and swipe upwards from the bottom

Touch and press the Volume Control Bar

Click on the Spatial audio button to enable it to on or off mode.

If you have enabled the spatial audio feature and is also active, the spatial audio button will be blue in color and the screen will be animated by showing audio waves near the listener’s head. But if the spatial audio feature is only enabled but not active for the audio that you are listening to, the spatial audio button will be blue in color but will be static.

The spatial audio gives a cool effect to the AirPods Pro. The Spatial audio feature is limited as it does not work on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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