Wireless PowerShare Feature of Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 along with S10 Plus and S10e have a unique feature to charge other devices. This feature is known as the Wireless PowerShare and it gives your S10 the power to charge the latest Samsung accessories or any Qi-enabled phone. Let us learn how to use the Wireless PowerShare feature of Galaxy S10.

There are some points that you should always remember before you go ahead and share your phone’s fuel

The Wireless PowerShare feature of Galaxy S10 charges at 4.5 W. This is because charging a battery emits heat and Samsung has managed to control it. Thus let things happen slow and steady, don’t mind the wait.

You will be able to share your charge only with accessories or smartphones that are Qi compatible.

Your S10 should have a minimum of 30% battery life for the Wireless PowerShare feature to work. There is no use trying if you are below this level because the feature turns itself off automatically.

How to enable this feature and charge another smartphone or accessory

Wireless PowerShare Feature of Galaxy S10

Pull down the notification shade of S10

Locate the Wireless PowerShare icon – it will be in the shape of a battery with an arrow. Some may have to swipe left to locate the icon.

Now tap to turn the feature on. The icon should turn blue. This activates the Wireless PowerShare feature of Galaxy S10.

Remember the feature is not in the Settings of the S10. Samsung has not created a dedicated app for it too. The only way to use it is to turn the feature on from the Quick Settings.

How to Use this Feature

Turn around the S10 and place the second phone or accessory that you wish to charge over it. Make sure the coils meet the devices should be sitting back-to-back. You can charge your Galaxy watch, Galaxy buds and even a friend’s iPhone.

You can even use your phone if you want but remember you are already sharing your battery so you could wait for some time before you begin using it.

Once you have finished sharing the power turn off the feature in the notification shade.

Just keep your S10 fueled and you will always have some energy to spare for your other devices or accessories. Keep in mind they should be Qi compatible.


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