Use Visual Look Up in iOS 15

iOS provides innumerable beneficial features for all of us. One of the most important characteristics that all of us are thankful for is Visual Look Up. It makes our search of any location way easier than in the past. It is one of the most useful updates that has ever been made in the latest iOS 15. It can be quite beneficial for eCommerce as it can help detect their stores and guide people. So, there’s a possibility of using this feature for eCommerce most. Here is a full guide for you on how to use Visual Look Up in iOS 15.

What is Visual Lookup?

Visual Lookup is a new technological feature seen in iOS 15 that helps us in different ways. It is a real-world imagery search that is a lot more advanced than the regular text-based search. It is simply a new technology that can read images instead of text and give you the required information. You can search for almost anything you like. You can search for pet breeds, art, books, landmarks, and plants. It can do anything with a visible physical object. It has several uses. It can simply clarify any of your queries, or it can provide more information for the picture. It can also give you the picture details like the time and place it is taken. It also helps us navigate through places and tells us the location and its details just by the picture.

How to use Visual Look Up in iOS 15?

Open an image containing any of the objects, including a place, pet, flower, and so on, present in the Photos app.

Once it starts to detect the image, then the i icon will sparkle after its completion.

Click on the icon.

Next, tap on the small icon that will be visible on the detected part of the image.

Check all the results that are available regarding the image by swiping up through the image.

Tap on ‘show more’ to know more information about the image.

Among the features available, the visual Lookup will exactly detect the image and tell you all the relevant information about it.

You can also Lookup some of the messages and the other information.

What if visual Lookup is not working?

 If you think that visual Lookup is not working, then follow any one the below methods:

Visual Lookup is the latest feature. So check whether your phone contains the feature or not.

If the above method is not for you, as you already have a device with a visual look-up feature, check the image you are looking for. Visual Lookup does not detect all kinds of images. It detects only specific and well-defined images such as flowers, pets, places, and so on. Visual Lookup does not detect any kind of random image with no specific object. An example of this is an abstract image. The abstract image basically does not have a specific target to detect as all it contains intangible features.

Also, make sure that the quality of the image is clear to detect the image.

This is all about visual Lookup and how to use it. Many businesses are trying to optimize this feature so that they can get more visibility. This could help them get ahead of the competition. So, all of them are trying to get full benefits out of this newly developed technology.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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