Use iPhone’s Hidden Document Scanner

Amongst the many interesting features that your iPhone offers, one of them is a document scanner. The in-built scanner allows scanning of all documents in no time. The scanner is available in the Files app, Notes app, Mail app, Message app, etc., of your iPhone. Now that you have learned about the presence of a scanner right in your iPhone, here is how to use iPhone’s hidden document scanner and then share/save/send/store the documents.

Methods to use iPhone’s hidden document scanner:

Before you can open the scanner, keep the documents ready that you want to scan.

Scan From Files App

On your iPhone, open the Files application

Select the location where you want to save the document you scanned

Located on the top right corner of your screen are three dots – tap on the dots to reveal a drop-down with several options

Scroll to locate the Scan Documents option

On selecting this option, the camera will open and detect the document with the viewfinder and capture it automatically. This screen allows you to select some options such as the color you would like your document to be saved in – black and white, color, or grayscale. You also have the option to use flash for a clearer scan. Also available on this screen is the option to switch the capturing mode to Manual from Auto to stop the camera from scanning and capturing the document automatically. A manual option allows you to click the photo manually where you can even crop the photo before saving it.

If the scanned document is scanned as you desired, then tap on Save, but if you are not satisfied with the scanned document, then you can tap on Retake to scan the document once again

Tapping on Save will take you directly to the Files, from where you can share the document or choose to keep it stored in the Files app.

Scan from Notes or Message App

The steps of scanning any app are almost the same. To help you understand the steps without any difficulty, we have mentioned the steps below:

Open the Notes or Message app on your iPhone

In the area where you normally enter the text, tap and hold for a few seconds, and then release your finger

An icon of the scanner will appear along with Scan Text (depending on the app you are using, only the icon may appear)

Just tap on the scanner icon or the Scan Text message, and your camera will now be able to scan

Just point the camera over the document you wish to scan and tap on Insert once you are ready to import the text.

Save the document scanned and share or just store it on your iPhone.

Follow the above easy steps to scan your documents with the help of your iPhone. It is a powerful scanner using which you can share required documents whenever you want easily.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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