How to use Zoom on Vazio Smart TV

Meetings and conferences are of critical importance to any institution. In the prevailing circumstances of COVID 19, many institutions are finding it difficult to convey one on one meetings with their correspondents. Many of the companies have devised methods to reach their employees and engage them in the meetings. These have become the new normal among many companies in the globe. How to use the zoom on Vizio Smart TV?

Technological advancement has made these possible by the introduction of The Zoom platform to conduct remote meetings with distant individuals. Zoom is a remote communication tool that allows teams to work together despite being in different geographical locations. Companies offer a variety of solutions including virtual conference rooms, Software systems and video conferencing.

Most people use zoom to connect to others through the video conferencing platforms available in zoom. Services on zoom can be accessible across many devices. The meetings can be conducted through computers and TV screens. These enable access to meetings by different team contributors. Zoom has become a vital tool in the current society.

Vizio Smart TV is an HD set that enables the users to perform many tasks apart from streaming content from the internet. Users can connect with others through zoom to enable them to access important sessions. The TV set can access Zoom services by making some adjustments that the users can use to meet their communication intents.

How to use Zoom on Vizio Smart TV

zoom on Vazio Smart TV

Zoom meeting on Vizio Smart TV

A zoom meeting is a virtual gathering of people. Each person joins using their TV screen in this case, a Vizio Smart TV. The inbuilt webcams and microphone enable the user to connect to a meeting through their devices without being in the same geographical location.

Zoom provides additional tools to foster collaboration and ease some of the hurdles of meeting, like connecting laptop (zoom) with TV to display bigger pictures for the convenience of the meeting attendants.

How to get Zoom on Vizio Smart TV

Users can install a zoom meeting on Vizio Smart TV using three different methods. Zoom application is available in many devices that enable the users to join meetings at their convenience. To access these the users can:

Install zoom application on Vizio Smart TV using an app store

Applications are available on many devices on the app store. To do so the user can follow the guidelines provided below.

Step 1: Turn on the device and load the homepage screen to navigate to the application use

Step 2: Click the Menu button on the Vizio Smart TV remote to open the list of available options to the end-user.

Step 3: Select the setting option to gain access to a sublist of options to choose from.

Step 4: Click on the General menu to access the settings of the device. The advanced settings may vary due to the continuous upgrade of the screen models,

Step 5: Tap the settings option of the menu bar to display the available options to choose from.

Step 6: Tap the open network settings or Network Setup option. These vary depending on the model the user is using for their zoom benefits.

Click the wireless display option to access the network preferences of the user.

Step 7: Select the desired network and go to the app store. Select the search option and search zoom application.

Download the application to install it on the Smart TV for use. Open the application and enter the zoom sign in details. Create an account if the you do not have an account already. Hosting meetings or joining meetings one must have Zoom account.

Method 2: Installation using Chrome cast

By using Chromecast device one can get zoom on Vizio Smart TV. To do these the user can follow the instructions provided here.

Step 1: Connect the user smartphone and casting device to the same wireless internet connection.

Step 2: Open Google play store on the smartphone and download the zoom application.

Step 3: After installation of the application Use the google homepage to launch the application.

Step 4: Click the profile option to display the navigation options.

Step 5: Click the mirror the device option that opens the sat audio.

Step 6: Choose the device that is to be connected with Chromecast.

Step 7: Open the phone and click on the Zoom App. These will be displayed in the Vizio screen. The user can start to the user the zoom on the screen to meet their meeting needs.

Method 3: Installation using Zoom Apk File

This is the third and easy method. These can be done by following the guide provided below.

Step 1: Open the google chrome browser ant the PC device to be connected with Vizio Smart TV

Step 2: Search the zoom Apk on the search box.

Step 3: From the search result download the zoom Apk on the PC.

Step 4: Plug in the pen drive on the PC to make the connection to be successful.

Step 5: Upload the zoom Apk file on the pen drive of the device.

Step 6: Inject the pen drive and plug in the pen to avid invalid connections.

Step 7: Click the upload option and set the Apk on the Vizio device

Launch the application and click the application. These will enable the user to create and join meetings at their convenience.

Wrapping up

Zoom App is one the best method to conduct distant meetings. For the above-mentioned reason its important for users to connect to their favourite devices. The guidelines provided herein enable the users to connect zoom to their Vizio devices.

The users can try all the method. One can create or join a meeting depending on the user preferences and intents. It’s convenient for users to make the most out of the changing technological advances. Zoom has enabled many organizations to meet their visions and work needs.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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