how to view hidden files in Android mobile

If smartphones are a basic need for the adults, it may have become a mode of entertainment for the kids. They love to use it to play games, watch cartoons, etc. Gadget control is something that is a necessity for us to keep our privacy so that our personal data doesn’t get into the hands of others.

Our kids are carefree and end up posting/exchanging something which has been classified as discriminatory content or sexually explicit or dark. Kids are mobile smart and know how to hide things on the phone. You can always keep a tap on your kid’s by checking whether there are files or images that they have kept hidden from you.

If you want to check on what your kids are up to and want to look up if they have hidden any files, apps or pictures then here is how to view hidden files in Android mobile.

Ways to view hidden files in Android mobile

Go to My Files/Files Manager

You will find a list of categories – images, videos, downloads, documents, audio and installation files        how to view hidden files in Android mobile

Tap on the category that you want to check. For instance, pick – Images and tap to open it

You will find the images listed under their respective heads according to the source – camera, WhatsApp Images, downloads, screenshots, etc.

Click on the Menu button located towards the right side on top of the screen

You will get a drop-down with some options from which you need to tap on Settings

Scroll down and you will find an option that says ‘Show Hidden Files’. The option by default is turned off, tap on the slider to turn it ON.

You will now be able to see all the images that may have been hidden

You can follow the same steps to check other categories too.

Follow these steps to show hidden files on Android. However, you can always speak to your children about being safe from the dark impacts that smartphones could have on them.


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