Notification History

Notification is an integral part of Android since the inception of the OS and is also an important element of the OS. On a daily basis, we receive numerous notifications from both the OS as well as from different apps.

Sometimes these notifications are so annoying that we delete them from the Notification panel and sometimes we accidentally clear the notification without reading them. In these scenarios, there are chances that we might miss some important alerts.

In Android 11 Google introduced an option called “Notification History”. It creates a log of all the Notifications that you receive in a day. These notifications can be from different apps as well as from the operating system and also from the OS default apps.

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The notification History option is not enabled by default and users have to enable it on their own by making some changes in the settings. Don’t worry in this article we will give you the step-by-step guide to enable this option. Make sure that the Notification History option is available on Android 11 only so if your device is not on Android 11 then you can access it.

Go to the settings on your Android device.

Navigate “Apps and Notifications” on the settings page and open it.

Here you will find an option called “Notifications”, tap on it.

On the Notifications page, you will see “Notification History”. Tap on it to open its setting page.

Turn the toggle on by just tapping on it. It will enable the option so that you can see all your Notification logs.

When you enable this option, you will see a blank page under the Notification history. But after some time, it will start creating a log of all your Notification that you receive in a day.

Remember that these notifications will stay in the log for 24 hours and after that new notification will take the place of the old one and the cycle continues.

It is beneficial if you accidentally remove some important notifications as you can see all your notifications and app alerts here.

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