Turning a video or audio into text is often underestimated. Businesses don’t pay much attention to it but in vain. As an enterprise grows, you need more instruments to boost performance, reach more audiences, and make the lives of your staff and users comfortable.

However, doing transcription on your own is rather a time- and money-consuming process. Especially if you don’t have any preparation and knowledge of the industry. That is why more and more companies turn to business transcription companies which have the necessary skills and resources. In the article below, we want to share the main reasons for turning to one of such companies. And the benefits of transcribing in general. We are sure that with its help, your performance will sky rock!

1. Saving money

The first and probably the most significant advantage of turning to a transcription website is the chance of saving lots of money. Just imagine: to transcribe the content on your own, you will need equipment, software, skilled experts, and lots of time. This is extremely costly and rather often is not worth it at all. Especially if you don’t need transcriptions on a daily basis.

Hiring a transcription company can save money. There is no need to maintain and update software, hire professional transcribers, and pay for subscriptions. You simply purchase the requested service and the rest is done by a team of transcribers who have the necessary experience and tools. We are sure that there are other spheres where you can use free resources!

2. Reducing processing time

If you decide to transcribe the content on your own, be ready to waste lots of time. You will need to understand how everything works and to master lots of new skills. Or you can hire a professional who turns video and audio to text quickly and accurately. They already have the necessary software and experience, and can concentrate on the task without any distractions.

Skilled transcribers know what to do and always stick to the provided guidelines. That is why you’ll receive the content without any delays. While someone else will be working on the task, you can sleep soundly without any worries.

3. Comfortable referencing

Another reason why you should hire professional transcriptionists is referencing. When people find something interesting in your audios or videos and want to refer to it, they might feel stressed because they should go back and listen/watch the file all over again. Transcriptions allow scanning the text quickly and conveniently. They will find the necessary data without any fuss and you’ll be referenced in other sources which will lead more people to your product. It is a win-win situation.

4. Adding links to the content

When you properly transcribe the files, it gives a great opportunity to add links and open lots of content to the audience. For example, a recent podcast may refer to the subject you have already discussed. Then you simply add links to the later entries and readers will stay longer on your channel or website. And the more they stay, the easier it is for you to achieve any goal. Whether they concern boosting loyalty or selling goods and services.

5. Focusing on other processes

Hiring a professional transcription company allows businesses to concentrate on other activities without any interruptions. Your workers can deal with day-to-day activities without the need to spend hours and hours listening to files and turning them into texts.

Remember, your activities bear fruit when you do the things that you’re good at. That is why you should stick to the regular flow and tasks, and let transcribers do the rest for you. After the first try, you’ll see how beneficial such cooperation is.

6. More flexibility

Let’s assume that you decided to try and transcribe the files on your own. You have purchased software and read a few articles with how-to guidelines. The problem you’ll likely face rather soon is that the tasks are quite different. So you’ll need to buy more tools and read more articles.

This won’t happen if you hire a side service. They have specialists for a wide range of assignments, so not depending on the file format, deadlines, or languages, you’ll find an expert to help. Just provide the necessary requirements and be sure that a team of specialists will do everything. This adds flexibility and makes you free!

7. Convenient for archiving

This advantage might not be that obvious but is surely worth your attention. Once you have a broad library of transcribed materials, you can expand the content. For example, by linking posts and referring to earlier videos. By mixing several parts and receiving a brand-new blog entry, or even creating eBooks that sell very well.

Just imagine how many new sources of income you receive simply by turning the visual elements of your channel or blog into text. And we are sure that the list of such opportunities will continue to grow.

8. Data protection

It is a well-known fact that who owns the information, owns the world. That is why so many hackers all over the world are trying to steal and trade sensitive information of any kind. If you are involved in such industries as international affairs, medical services, or law, keeping the data private and secure is your top priority.

That is why you should choose secure transcription companies that allow keeping all the information in-house and encrypting it. When choosing services like Transcriberry, you can be sure that the content is safe and third parties don’t have access to it.

Final thoughts

Visual materials, like video and audio, help engage with the audience, establish trusting relationships, and achieve a variety of other goals. However, you should neglect another instrument – turning the visual materials into text. As discussed above, high quality transcription can save your time and money, protect data, add flexibility, and allow focusing on tens of other processes. You can plan and organize the content, and give users an opportunity to master the information easier.

If your business concerns engaging audiences, reaching people in as many ways as possible is a great way to reach your financial and marketing goals. Checked for ourselves and our prospering products!

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