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Follow the steps detailed below to learn how to unlock the HTC 10 bootloader via the official HTC Dev method.

OEMs and carriers lock the bootloader of their smartphones and tablets for various reasons. The biggest method is so that you know the firmware has not been tampered with in any way. If it wasn’t this way, you could buy an HTC 10 that has had malware installed from the retailer, 3rd-party seller, or even just an employee that is upset with the company.

Some companies, like Google, make it easy to unlock the bootloader by typing a simple fastboot command.

Other companies like LG, HTC and Sony (for certain models) will allow you to unlock the bootloader as long as you go through the official method. This is the method we see HTC using when it comes to the official HTC 10 bootloader unlock method and this is the one that I’ll be describing here today. The process may look rather lengthy, but that is because of how I split everything up into individual steps. You can also follow along in the embedded video below this guide.

Note – Unlocking the bootloader on the HTC 10 will erase all of the data you have on the device, and it may void your warranty.

HTC 10 Unlock Bootloader

  1. Download and install ADB & Fastboot tools
  2. Launch the ADB & Fastboot shortcut it created
  3. Then type the following into the command prompt. . .
  4. adb devices
  5. . . .and press Enter on the keyboard
  6. Enable Developer Mode on the HTC 10 (check the explanation below)
  7. Enable USB Debugging on the HTC 10 within Developer Mode
  8. Enable OEM Unlocking on the HTC 10 within Developer Mode
  9. Create an account at HTC Dev, verify it, and then log into it
  10. Download and install the HTC Sync Manager software (for the drivers)
  11. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment (if you don’t have it)
  12. Click on the Unlock Bootloader option at the HTC Dev website
  13. Click on the Get Started button at the HTC Dev website
  14. Select the HTC 10 under the Supported Devices section
  15. Then click the Begin Unlock Bootloader button
  16. Click the Yes button to confirm
  17. Agree to the legal terms, then click the Proceed to Unlock Instructions button
  18. Connect the HTC 10 to the PC with a USB cable
  19. Tap the Yes option for the USB For File Transfers dialog pop-up
  20. Also, allow USB Debugging access from the PC
  21. Boot the HTC 10 into Download Mode
  22. Then type the following into the command prompt. . .
  23. fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  24. . . .and press Enter on the keyboard
  25. Copy the Identifier Token (check the video below if you don’t know how)
  26. Paste this Identifier Token into Step 7 of the HTC Dev website
  27. Then click the Submit button at the bottom
  28. Download the Unlock_code.bin file from the email HTC sent you
  29. Copy/Move this BIN file to the ADB & Fastboot install directory
  30. Then type the following into the command prompt. . .
  31. fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  32. . . .and press Enter on the keyboard
  33. Press the Volume Up button on the HTC 10 to highlight the Yes option
  34. And press the Power button to select this option
  35. Wait for the HTC 10 to reboot


The first part of this guide is just getting the basics out of the way. You’ll need to have ADB & Fastboot tools, you’ll need to start the ADB service, as well as enabling Developer Mode, USB Debugging and even the OEM Unlocking option. The only thing different with the HTC 10 and the enabling Developer Mode guide I linked above, is the Build Number section (that you need to tap 7-10 times) is located in Settings -> About -> Software Information -> More -> Build Number.

You should then go ahead and create your HTC Dev account, log into it, download the HTC Sync Manager PC program, and then the Java Runtime Environment. Once all of that is done, go back to the HTC Dev website and then click the Unlock Bootloader option on the right side of the screen. Then click the Begin Bootloader Unlock button that appears right above this option. You’ll see a warning screen where you click Yes, then you’ll need to agree to the legal terms before clicking the Proceed to Unlock Instructions button at the bottom.

Next, you will want to connect the HTC 10 to the PC with a USB cable and you should see two pop-up dialog boxes appear. Tap the Always Allow option for the USB Debugging pop-up and then agree to allow access. Then tap on the Yes option when it comes to using the USB for file transfers. With that done, you will need to boot the HTC 10 into Download Mode so that we can begin the real bootloader unlock process.

Go back to the command prompt when you get into Download Mode and then execute the fastboot oem get_identifier_token command. This will show you the Identifier Token for your HTC 10 right in the middle of the command prompt. Copy this Identifier Token (watch the video if you’re unsure of how to do this part), and then turn your attention back to the HTC Dev website because we need to give this token to them.

HTC 10 Unlock Bootloader Token
This should be what your Identifier Token screen looks like (but with different letters/numbers).

You should proceed through the HTC Dev instructions (just click next at the bottom of that screen) until you get to step 7 of HTC’s instructions. This will give you a box for you to paste the Identifier Token into. Right above that box, you’ll see exactly how this token should look like and again, be sure to watch through the video above if you’re confused about any of this. Then click the Submit button that you’ll see right under this box.

If the token was put in correctly, HTC will tell you that the token has been submitted successfully, and that they are sending you an email with a BIN file as an attachment. So go check your email (it was instant for me), and download that BIN file. Copy or move this BIN file to the same directory that you have your ADB & Fastboot tools installed into, and then turn your attention back to the command prompt.

We’re getting to the end of the unlock process, as now you just have to execute the command fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin and then look at your HTC 10. You should see a bootloader unlock screen that asks you one last time if you’re sure you want to do it. Press the Volume Up button to highlight the Yes option, and then press the Power button to select it. You’ll see the HTC 10 reboot twice before taking you back into the Android activation screen.

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