In-display fingerprint scanner

Despite the ban and reduction in the sale in the European region, Huawei is still working on new technologies. Just like its competition, Huawei has invested so much in its R&D department.

In 2020, the in-display fingerprint scanner slightly begins to grow. Many flagship and mid-range devices provide an in-display fingerprint scanner. Huawei took a step further and apply for the all-screen fingerprint scanner. They will start working on this new technology once they will get approval from China, Europe, India, Japan, the United States, and South Korea.

The in-display fingerprint scanner used these days have a specific position.  The users have to place their finger on that specific position in order for a fingerprint scanner to work. So, Huawei comes up with an idea of all screen fingerprint scanner. In this users don’t require a specific place, they just place their finger anywhere on the screen and the phone will be unlocked.

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This makes the usability and the unlocking through the fingerprint scanner much faster. It will also make multitasking much easy and efficient.

For instance, Huawei claims that with this technology when you get a notification, you tap on the notification and it will open. You get a text message, you tap on the message and start reading and replying. It will eliminate the step of identifying a user and then unlock the device.

The letdown of this technology at this point is that it will be power-hungry and consume more battery. Because now the sensor will be on all the display rather than at a specific point and it will consume more battery.

Huawei works on this and provides some battery saving options to the users. Users have the ability to choose certain areas of their choice for the sensor to work. The rest of the sensors on the screen will be deactivated. So you can choose a more comfortable position for you to unlock the device. It will be the bottom of the screen or the middle of the top it depends on you.

If we look at this technology then this is not the first technology of its kind. Vivo also comes up with the same idea and show a prototype of Vivo Apex in 2019. But that is only a prototype and there is no new yet that whether Vivo is further working on it or not.

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