Improper eNom Data Centre Transition Affected Hundreds of Domains

eNom, the web domain-related services company has gone through a data center migration last week, which caused havoc in its community.

According to reports, hundreds of domains were knocked off from the web for a while, as the accident resulted from improper data center migration of eNom. All the impacted customers took this issue to social media platforms, where they accused eNom of not properly communicating this.

Troubling Transition of eNom Data Centre

The whole content we see online is coming from websites run by thousands of millions of people. And they all do have a few common things to maintain a website – domain name and hosting service, on which they relied their site on. And any issue relating to these two services can severely impact the dependent website a lot.

Thus, domain registrars and web hosting companies are very attentive in every move they make. But eNom didn’t! At least last week. eNom is a domain registration and web hosting company, which also offers other related services like SSL certificates, e-mail services, and website building software.

On Saturday, the company has undergone a data center migration, which it informed earlier that “could take 12 hours, between 6 AM PST and 6 PM PST on Saturday, January 15.” As it just made a petty notice of this, most of the customers haven’t noticed it and weren’t prepared for any circumstances arising out of this.

Thus, several customers of eNom who didn’t expect their websites to be knocked off the web suddenly took social media platforms to accuse the company since then. Many are pointing at problems like failed DNS resolution, inaccessible eNom websites, and email clients.

eNom noted this and said they can solve the problems only after the entire process of data center migration is done. And this triggered more furiousness in the community, as they wait for the problem to be resolved.

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