How To Increase WIFI Signal Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Increase WIFI Signal Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.


Here are few solutions that will help on the off chance that you want to increase your WI-FI Signal on The Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.


Reset The Router

This is the primary choice to attempt when you confront a poor Wi-Fi signal on your Galaxy S5. Resetting your router can viably enhance your WIFI signal on your Galaxy s5 however in the event that the signal is same, proceed onward to the following techniques.


Move The Router

Ensure there is very little separation between the router and where you stay the vast majority of the times. On the off chance that is required, move the router to your space for having a superior signal quality. Once more, it is critical to notice that there ought not be any huge metallic item in the middle of the smartphone and the router as it will act as an obstruction and will affect signal quality.


Expel The Case

Smartphone cases are known to affect the signal particularly in the event that they are made of Aluminum. Thus, on the off chance that you are utilizing aluminum or some other sort of metallic smartphone case, evacuate it and check whether it gets any better the Wi-Fi signal. Likewise, those intrigued by having a smartphone case can go for the dainty TPU case that does not meddle with the Wi-Fi signal.


Forget Wi-Fi Network

Forgetting the established Wi-Fi connection and connecting/establishing it again can repair the poor Wi-Fi signal issue on your Galaxy S5 smartphone. To do as such, head towards, Settings > Wi-Fi and discover the system. To forget it, simply squeeze it and tap Forget.


Turn On Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep

This is another workaround to consider for illuminating the Wi-Fi issue in your Galaxy S5. Wi-Fi may naturally kill on the off chance that you are not utilizing it. Go to Advanced Wi-Fi options and turn on “Keep Wi-Fi on amid rest” to keep this issue.


Wi-Fi Connection Is Overloading

Now and then, an excessive number of gadgets associated with the Wi-Fi and that makes a considerable measure of weight on the router. It will bring about IP strife. The arrangement is to set a static IP address for all gadgets associated with the router.


Flash An Appropriate Custom ROM

On the off chance that you checked all these ways, despite everything you have issues, your Galaxy S5 ROM is not appropriate. Another great approach to strengthen the WIFI signal on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is to locate another custom ROM. Use this custom ROM and flash it on your Galaxy S5 smartphone.


Download WIFI Booster

For clients who are searching for considerably speedier connections for Galaxy S5, there is the options to Download Booster, a Wi-Fi innovation application that expands the rate of information all the while by interfacing Wi-Fi and LTE availability. Despite where the client is found, Galaxy S5 will deal with it and interface with the speediest conceivable connection.



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