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To make our DMs less junky from Stories responses, Instagram is rolling out a new feature called Private Story Likes.

As per the platform’s CEO, there’s a new heart button added in Stories to like the story but it will not go as a message response in the author’s DM. While the authors can still check who all liked the story, this new way should help reduce the clutter coming from story likes to DMs.

Instagram’s Private Story Likes

An Instagram story is a fine way of engaging with the community aside from regular posts and Reels. But, this wouldn’t be good if the followers are stuffing up the DMs with simple heart reactions (likes) to your story. This sometimes can be frustrating, as it makes users suffer even though it’s not their mistake, but Instagram’s.

So the platform is now introducing a new feature called Private Story Likes, which will reduce the junk like responses coming from Stories. According to Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s CEO, a new heart button is be added Stories, right in between ‘send message’ and the little aircraft icon, which if tapped is meant to convey appreciation for the author’s post.

This unnecessarily will not send a message in the DMs anymore. Instead, it will be noted in the Story’s view sheet for the author to view. Instagram is also trying to ban the likes count on Stories, after testing it on regular posts. The platform now lets users hide their likes count for others to see.

Well, story authors can still see who all liked in the list, but not the exact number of people. This is to let make sure “that people can express more support for each other, but also clean up DMs a little bit,” Mosseri said in his video. The new Private Story Likes is currently available to US users and will be coming to others soon.

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