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Adding to the handful of monetization streams, Instagram unveiled a new earning plan for its content creators. This is through selling subscriptions for their exclusive content.

Followers who subscribed to their favorite creators will have special access to exclusive live streams, stories and also be assigned a badge. This will help them to be looked especially among others, in comments and DMs. This feature is initially available to creators in the US.

Instagram Subscriptions

Over the years, Instagram expanded the ways it can earn for itself and the content creators living on it’s platform. These include inducing ads between posts, stories, and even the Reels. For content creators, the brand promotions they make will be their major stream of revenue. Now, there’s one more coming up. And it’s by subscriptions!

As revealed by Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri on Wednesday, the platform is adding a new and steady stream of income for its content creators – subscriptions. Followers who subscribe to creators will have access to exclusive content like dedicated Stories, live feeds, and also a badge.


With this badge tagged aside from their handle name, subscribers can easily be identified by the creators in comments and DMs. This is available to a few content creators in the US as of now and will be coming to others in more regions later. This comes after the platform started testing vertically swipe-able stories, just like the Reels.

Talking on this feature, Mosseri said that content creators should “own their relationship with their subscribers,” in order to “bring them off of Instagram to other apps and websites built by other companies.” This is him indirectly advising creators to be more engaging with their subscribers, and convert them into customers by driving them to third-party business sites.

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